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    Why did "Happy Three cards" stop?


    Sep 23, 2022
    One thought on “Why did "Happy Three cards" stop?”
    1. User data is not enough, stop operation.
      The nationality chess and card game, three pieces have always been widely circulated. I believe that many players know more or less about its gameplay. The classic mode in the game is also a highly restored gameplay. Each player can get three hands to get three hands, and play the battle between players through the operations such as injection, comparison cards, abandon cards.
      During the battle, remember not to be too pity for the good cards in your hands. Maybe others have a better card? In the classic mode, the rules of the brand are also very simple.
      The new breakthrough classic of the Red and Black War also has new gameplay
      After a game of 20 classic models, it will unlock the red and black war game. I believe that many players will be curious about how this gameplay play? In fact, it is very simple, that is, the player bet on the red side, black side or lucky blow. Before betting, you can see the two hands in the hands of the red and black parties. After the bet is over, the card will be opened in order. The rules are the same as the classic mode!
      Liged blowing is a special brand bet such as leopard. Here you should pay attention to double the right of 8 or more. Once you go, you may also let your assets lose! If you want to experience the thrill of winning money, quickly turn on the red and black war!
      Crazy 3 2 Classic Model Breakthrough
      Crazy 3 2 can be understood as a major improvement in the classic model. Very simple. In the 3 2 mode, you will get 3 hand cards. Of course, the system will also have two public hands. Through continuous betting, the system of the system of the system will open in order, and the player will eventually compete.
      Here, the card of the competition is not your hand, but after the merger of the 3 cards and 2 public cards in your hand, the number of cards for composed of the largest 3 cards is selected. It is the same as the classic model. Is it very interesting? Then hurry up and gather 30 classic models and lift the seal of Crazy 3 2!

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