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    Which are the earliest online games in mainland China!


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    1. The earliest online game situation in China

      On March 14, 1995, the God (Admin) of the "Oriental Story 2" architecture (ADmin) wrote the above in the first systemic manager guide in Chinese MUD Of course, the appearance of this guide was already 16 years after the first MUD was born. In 1979, on the DEC System-10 console of the University of Essex, Richard Barthl and Roy Trubshaw were running the first pure text interface for multi-person participation. MUD1, at the beginning of this game, only allowed students to participate in school, and then developed to the server to participate in the game with a modem to participate in the game. The LPMUD system evolved from MUD1 has supported the operation of thousands of language MUD games in the next 20 years. Although it is no longer possible to count how many people have participated in MUD, and it is impossible to count from MUD's development and management How many programmers and balanced designers were born during the process, but the author can assert here: It is these programmers and balanced designers who have been in contact with MUD in the early days to create the online game industry today. The iceberg, then they are the huge part of the iceberg hidden in the water, supporting the online game industry that people see.
      The development pace of Chinese MUD games is very slow. The main reason is the lack of hardware resources. A network environment can first be generated in scientific research units, schools or telecommunications departments. When MUD was sinicized, first of all, Chinese students in the United States placed them in schools for students who used Chinese. During this period, the conceptual MUD game "Oriental Story", "Oriental Story 2" and were later widened. For the "Feng Yun" series, "Journey to the West" series, etc. Then the source code of these games began to spread to areas with well -developed network facilities in Taiwan, Hong Kong and other institutions in China, and then was subsequently tested by enthusiasts from mainland colleges such as Xiamen University and other mainland institutions. The enthusiasts of the telecommunications department are distributed. It is short, but as long as the players think of these step -by -step transmission, when the process of transmission of 9600bps needs to be done, it is not easy to know how easy it is. After 1998, the MUD games in the Mainland gradually developed. MUD games, mainly based on "Xia Ke Xing", began to use a large number of characters, scenes, martial arts, plots, etc. in master novels such as Jin Yong and Gu Long, which won a lot of players. With the improvement of domestic Internet access conditions, more and more players have joined the trend of MUD, and gave MUD a name "quagmire" with a Chinese atmosphere. The so -called quagmire was like a sea of ​​MUD games at the time.
      MUD, which is thousands of times more boring than the current online game practice, has no strengths in gaming. Its pure text plus ASCII code does not talk about the beauty. The operation basically rely on English instructions to make it difficult for players to get started. But at that time, QQ was not yet popular, and the online chat room was full of trouble, but Mud became a place for players to vent their emotions and communicate with each other. As players increase, MUD gradually has its own culture. From the perspective of online games, the debate on the moral standards of players, the gangs to help the world, the emotional staggered between players, etc. are all displayed on the players on each MUD server. The world has never stopped. After 2000, MUD was replaced by graphical online games without developing in China. Although MUD's online games in China only occupy a short prehistoric part, graphic online games cannot be regarded as the next generation of MUD, but the MUD growing up. Domestic online games belong to the childhood of yes and yes during the MUD period, and the current graphic online game is a vibrant young man. The talents accumulated during the MUD period, the operation experience of telecommunications was fully used at this stage, and the problems left over during the MUD period have not been resolved, and the controversy of no results continued at this stage.
      Whether you have heard of MUD or whether you are interested in the history of online games, but when you experience happiness in graphic online games, you should also thank the two geniuses of that year, because it is them because they are them Only the invention made the network liberate from a single scientific research and teaching function, and became one of the people's entertainment methods.

      In 1998, a well -known technician in the history of Chinese software left the company. At this time, he had nothing except for a bit fame. This is a little famous person is Bao Yueqiao. Bao Yueqiao himself does not like to play games very much, but Bao Yueqiao, who does not like computer games, and two friends have run China's largest mass game website, Lianzhong Game Network.
      The friends who are together with Bao Yueqiao are Jian Jing and Wang Jianhua. In 1996, the three of them began to surf the Internet. At that time, the text MUD attracted many Chinese first -generation netizens. Bao Yueqiao likes to play Go, and is not interested in MUD, and Jian Jing likes to play MUD. After playing the game for two years, Jian Jing proposed to play online chess and card games in 1998. The three said that they did dry: write a program, buy a server stand. The three spent 2 months and designed Lianzhong's framework on the NT platform. In February 1998, Bao Yueqiao assembled a more than 8,000 yuan server. After the server was set up, Lianzhong Game Network was officially born.
      The early 1998, Lianzhong, who was born, had no money to advertise, and because the network line was not good at that time, players who played cards often broke the money when they played, so there were not many users attracted by Lianzhong when they came. By June 18, Oriental Network made a news for Lianzhong on the homepage, and some news media also began to report to Lianzhong. In December of the same year, Lianzhong exceeded one thousand online. This was a great result at the time. At the same time, Microsoft ZONE had 56,000 online people, and more than 1,000 people in Taiwan Hongji were online at the same time. Later, except Microsoft, other similar sites did not develop so well.
      The September 1998, Ma Xiaochun, Fang Tianfeng and other Go celebrities played chess in the audience, resulting in the atmosphere of the game at the time. Since then, Bao Yueqiao they recognize the importance of celebrities to couplet. Celebrities can play chess in Lianzhong, which can make Lianzhong prosperous. Everyone is reputable, and there are naturally many people who play the chess players.
      On May 20, 1999, Bao Yueqiao, who had not paid themselves for a year and a half, paid the Lianzhong price of 5 million to sell 79%of the shares to Zhonggong.com. After two years of difficult, in 2000 and 2001, the Lianzhong began to form a virtuous cycle of business models. When the orthodox large computer online games began to rise, Lianzhong had worked silently in this field for several years.
      Today, Lianzhong's registration has reached 90 million, and users can choose more than 20 games in Lianzhong. Lianzhong has become the world's well -known chess and card game website.
      Lianzhong is not the usual online game. However, in the development of Chinese games, no one can ignore the existence of Lianzhong. Computer game players know it, not ordinary people who are not computer gamers. Many reporters have just learned to use relatives and friends who have used computer online. The first game entertainment website to contact is Lianzhong. You can also play bridge, Go and Mahjong! There are opponents to participate in the chess game anytime, anywhere, which is an indescribable temptation for the general public who likes chess and cards. At the same time, there are as many as online, registered members, and the hottest online game "Legend" is also difficult to compare with Lianzhong.
      The era of burning money on the website, in the era when everyone attaches great importance to the portal website, in the era when few people realize that online game entertainment can bring profitability, Lianzhong survived as an alternative stubbornly. Lianzhong survived the stubbornness of the three founders such as Bao Yueqiao. Bao Yueqiao, who engaged in technology, found that the game website could attract users at the beginning, and games such as Go and Bridge also continued.
      Thenzhong was completely free at first, attracting enough people to start launching toll services. This business model is the same as the current online game. Online games are also free public beta, allowing players to play first, and when the players participating in the public beta arrive, they will start charges when they reach a certain number. In June 2000, Lianzhong began to charge member fees, and members could accept players' guidance. After Lianzhong developed, he also built a chess and card channel with other large portal websites, and the income was divided. The Banner advertisement in Lianzhong was cheaper, and now this advertising income is also very rich. From weak to strong, the Lianzhong model allowed later online operators to learn a lot.
      Lianzhong is an alternative, unique online game entertainment operator. After Lianzhong found a profit model in 2000, an online game named "King of the King" began to enter mainland China in the same year. Since then, Lianzhong will no longer be regarded as a game network that cannot be profitable. The gold rush era in the online entertainment market has begun.

      This unknowingly entered 1999. Although Chinese online games are still based on text MUD, the disadvantages of text MUD have become more and more prominent. Although the MUD of pure text can meet the needs of players' temporary network games, it is inevitable that the time will inevitably become tedious, so the international graphic MUD tide is impulsive into China. Just when this rare opportunity appeared, a game between the text MUD and the graphics MUD appeared. This is the quasi -graphic MUD that was popular across the country.
      The April 1999, the Ledie Working Group was officially established in Beijing, and Xiao Ao Jianghu Game Network was officially launched during the same period. One month later, the Ledsmate Working Group launched the first domestic simple graphic text MUD game- "Swordsman's Faithful Loyalty to the Country". In this game, the producer will introduce the concept of fighting against the pirates and rivers and lakes, and set up a more fair NPC system and PK system, so that the development of the game is in the hands of players. In addition, this game has attracted the addition of many online game players with its simple operating system and intuitive game interface. By February 25, 2000, 100,000 players have registered in "The Loyalty of Swordsman and Lakes". This result was a rather amazing result in the environment at that time.
      is worth mentioning that in 2000, the era of crazy expansion of the Internet industry in the world in 2000 (also the era when the Chinese online game industry has dug the first bucket of gold), and the development team of "Swordsman's Loyalty to the Country" With strong financial support from Haihong Group, in a short period of time, he has received a 10 million yuan investment, and quickly formed it to become the Holding Aojiang Lake website holding company. On May 1, 2000, the "Swordsman Member Card" was officially released. Taking this as a sign, "Swordsman's Loyalty to the Country" finally entered the charging stage.
      Objectively speaking, although this game still uses text as the main way to interact with players, its emergence has indeed improved the level of Chinese text MUD, but at this time, the MUD game is still in text. It is the main game method. It was not until some domestic MUD players began to set up an UO simulation server before officially announced the end of the history of text MUD.
      In July 1999, the most important online game in the 1990s, "Network Genesis" (domestic referred to as UO) folk simulation servers finally appeared in China. In the hot summer night in 1999, I do not know how many people are downloading the 600MB UO client program. You must know what concept is the 600MB game DOWN in the era of the world! Immediately afterwards, a large number of simulated servers have appeared in Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai and other places. Although there is still a significant gap between the formal version of some specific server setting rules and artificial server management, it is enough to make the domestic ones in China. Players have seen UO's great style. It is a colorful online game world in front of players. In the world of UO, players can experience the virtual social life of real graphical online games in person, and also let domestic players understand that there is such a thing in the online game and the industry union, and the fight and killing are not online games. All. Until now, the strong UO trend of that year was still unabated. To this day, a large number of players are still intoxicated by the increasingly mature UO simulation server, and they cannot extricate themselves for a long time.
      But after experiencing the initial popularity, UO also showed some disadvantages to restrict its further development in China. Among them, the most prominent is the quality of the game GM. The world of UO is a world composed of players, and almost all GM on the domestic UO server is composed of the server's preparations and some senior players. This non -professional GM preparation soon exposed its problem. GM kills innocent innocence, and is very serious in phenomenon of personality. Players complained in the game. Because there are no dedicated managers to supervise GM, this problem is always difficult to solve.
      Is, UO itself is a complete virtual society. Standing at the height of today, looking back at the burning years spent in UO, I believe that many old players will be emotional. How many happy memories, how much bitter past events are vivid. The emergence of UO itself is a strong catalyst for domestic online games. Since then, online games have entered a new stage of rapid development in mainland China.

      The first year of the online game industry of Mainland China should be regarded as the first year of the online game industry of China. The magnificent "King of the King" held in the Great Wall Hotel in Beijing, to some extent, laid the cornerstone for the development of online games in Mainland China.
      The introduction of "King of Wanwang" created a basic embryonic form for the operating mode of online games. As an emerging high -tech entertainment industry, it provides game program clients for free, and the concept of charging the access service has made the entire mainland game industry inspiring. The major media have exclaimed the brand -new operation model that will clear the pirated clouds that have been shrouded in the gaming industry for a long time, bringing unlimited vitality and hope to the gaming industry. In fact, looking at the process of online games from the production, development to maturity in the past three years, the high profit of billions of dollars per year has been reborn in this basic model created by the "King of the King".
      The original shape of the graphic version of "King of the King" is a very famous text MUD in Taiwan. After graphical, it officially pushed into the market in Taiwan and started commercial operations, and achieved good results. At that time, the mainland online game market was completely in a blank stage. There was no officially operated graphic online game. The only most famous online game UO in the world existed in the form of an unofficial server in mainland China. It can be said that this at that time The virgin land contains huge development prospects, and Huacai Software bravely took this step with Lei's "King of the King".
      It does not talk about the special historical status of "King of the King". As far as the quality of the game itself is concerned, many game settings in "King of the King" are not as popular as today. Online games are inferior. The 27 occupations developed from three basic occupations have been converted twice, each of which is outstanding and distinctive. Experience conversion to level and skills capabilities improvement model has developed very mature during the period MUD. And a variety of puzzle solution tasks make the game process more colorful, car ride, pets, etc. have now available many games that are boasted. In the characteristics. The biggest feature of "King of the King" is its city -state system. In his own city -state, players have also become game producers, and can plan to build their own kingdom. All kinds of senior martial arts props can only be produced through senior city -state, and the advancement of occupations can only be completed in the city -state. The city owner and minister can even create NPCs for practicing exercises and money. This method cannot be said that it is a very big pioneering work. Disputes that plague many online games have been solved through this very reasonable way. The large -scale city -state war may erupt at any time, allowing the entire game to achieve the highest balance of game fun and business value through turbulence and adhesion.
      But at the beginning of the commercialization of "King of the King", players obviously could not fully adapt to this model of paying the game. The traces of stand -alone games in their minds are still very heavy. They think that the game software itself should be a visible product provided by the CD as a carrier. When spent money, you should be able to see the real thing. In addition, the concept of "Internet = free" was deeply rooted at the time, so a major discussion of a brainwashing online game charging model was launched among the players.
      Most players hold a very understanding and approval view of the business operation mode of online games. They believe that playing online games on the server of the game operation company, and goes to the cinema to watch movies and karaoke to sing. identical. The payment of a certain amount of payment is in exchange for the place and equipment of entertainment, and the richness and satisfaction of spiritual life is harvested. However, a small number of players still cannot adapt to this mode too much, and the defects in the marketing channel of "King of the King" have made players have great difficulties when buying game monthly cards and point cards. It also limits the promotion of "King of the King".
      In fact, the problems exposed in "King of the King" became a common problem that almost all online games later faced.

      It said that online games have entered the era of graphic, and players have joined this wave for a while. However, the domestic network conditions at that time were really poor. ISDN users were still few, and more players could only dial the Internet through "cats". Even in the Internet cafe online, the configuration and network status of the Internet cafe are very unsatisfactory. In addition, "King of the King" is based on the MUD kernel development, and its requirements for the Internet are very high. Players are unbearable in the "card" environment in the past.
      It two ends. In fact, the manufacturers are also very clear. At this time, intervention in the online game market is a peerless opportunity. The first opportunity to seize this is Zhiguan Company. Zhiguan is a leading company in domestic game manufacturers, with strong strength. This time, they entered this market with heavy pound shells "The Three Kingdoms of the Internet", and there are a lot of pride of online games!
      In 2001, the players at this time were looking for a way out. The appearance of "Three Kingdoms of the Internet" was equivalent to giving them a life -saving grass, so many players boarded this boat and played the hero of the Three Kingdoms.
      When Zhiguan lamented the market opportunity, the other roads also landed quietly. This is Huayi. As one of the two companies that changed the ecological environment of the Chinese game industry in 2000, Huayi relying on the outstanding achievements in the online game market, the third place in the Chinese Taiwan game market performance ranking in 2000. It is with the help of this strong Dongfeng that Huayi International has landed on the Mainland game market in 2001 with its "Stone Age".
      The emergence of "Stone Age" shaped a fresh wind for the newly emerged mainland online game market. Its lovely character shape, relaxed and humorous background setting, full of pleasure PK has made many players happy. For a while, the Chinese graphics online game market became a two -hero.
      but this situation does not last long, because "Stone Age" has attracted a large number of MM players to join, which has also stimulated the number of male players soaring. Soon, the number of online people at the same time exceeded 60,000, and the "Three Kingdoms of the Internet" was left behind. Since then, "Stone Age" has dominated the mainland online game market.
      Perhaps the popularity of "Stone Age" is too high. From the beginning, many storms have been encountered. Players' rights protection incidents are the most typical. On February 27, 2001, Beijing Huayi announced the charging system of the game. This system does not match the game time promised in the game instructions. At the same time, the method of deduction is also different from its previous commitment. Righteousness is not moving at all. The contradictions began to further intensify, and players from various places began to complain to the local Consumer Association. Soon, Huayi issued another statement that solemnly apologized to consumers who purchased the "Stone Age", and promised that players who officially registered before March 13 will receive 50 game hours. At this point, the rights protection incident came to an end with the purpose of the player. These issues have given us a lot of thinking, but the deepest understanding is that the current players have grown up. At the same time as the game, they need to serve, and this is also a problem that the game company should think about.
      In 2001, while the online game was hot, its partner, the plug -in, also gradually grew up. It can be said that "Stone Age" is accompanied by plug -in. Without the plug -in, "Stone Age" will not have today's glory. With each update of "Stone Age", the plug -in will also be updated. From the initial non -enemy, the enemy in place, to the subsequent fast fighting, fast cuisine, hanging up, etc., there are more and more plug -in functions in the "Stone Age", which is more and more convenient. It's right. The development of these plug -in also directly affects the external production of other online games in the future.
      The problem of the benevolent and the wise man with the wise man, but the manufacturer hates it, but the player regards it as the savior. It can be said without exaggeration that the producer of the plug -in is the first profitable online family, and it is still a huge profit.
      With the popularity of "Stone Age", manufacturers and media that were not hoped for this market turned their attention here. Various princes have killed this market that is known as "the last cake of the Internet". Its intention is very obvious, nothing more than fishing. As a result, various games have emerged endlessly, and the online game market has entered the era of the Warring States Disputes.

      The online game market today, online games developed by South Korean companies have undoubtedly occupied most of them. Facing this indisputable fact, we can't help feeling too much disappointment and helplessness. But if you look back at the popular online games in the article, you will be surprised to find that none of them are from South Korea! So when did the Korean online game that sprung up into the Chinese online game market after the rain began to enter the domestic market?
      In fact, the Koreans tried to enter the domestic online game market as early as November 2000. As the leading officer, it is Uchike Tong, a wholly -owned Korean company, and its product is "The Light of Darkness".
      If Koreans's estimation of the market seemed too optimistic. "The Light of Darkness" was simply a semi -finished product that was not developed at that time. Although domestic players are full of enthusiasm for online games, they are accustomed to playing fine stand -alone games. They obviously cannot accept the poor performance of all aspects of "The Light of Darkness". To make matters worse, the Koreans seem to have no intention of maintaining and improving the "Light of Darkness" at all, so after the advertising offensive at the beginning of operation, this game was quickly forgotten.
      Until the end of 2000, the domestic online game market still kept countless opportunities for game manufacturers, and during this period, several game companies that entered the domestic online game market were very bad.
      Thezon company that domestic players are very familiar with are just trying to develop and operate online games in this case. In September 2000, "Three Kingdoms" was launched in China. The tentative works launched by this Zhiguan company for the domestic online game market have achieved unexpected success. From today's perspective, this is inseparable from the theme of the "Three Kingdoms" to players.
      Ap online players in "Three Kingdoms of the Internet" rose sharply, Zhiguan Company, which was sued in the first battle, did not slow down the development of new products. In the spring of the second year (2001) after the listing of "Three Kingdoms of the Internet", Zhiguan Company launched "Jin Yong Qun Xia Zhuan Online" in China. Objectively speaking, from the perspective of the game, there is no remarkable place in "Jin Yong Qun Xia Zhuan Online", and even many players can feel that it can be regarded as an uns development semi -finished product. However, the biggest difference between "Jin Yong Qunxia Biography Online" and "Dark Light" that was defeated that year is that it has a golden signboard that "Jin Yong", a tens of millions of martial arts fans cannot resist. On the other hand, Zhiguan Co., Ltd. attaches unprecedented attention to this game in market propaganda, and it has gained a large publicity network like Tian Luo Di.com. Under the advancement of this multiple factors, "Jin Yong Qun Xia Zhuan Online" quickly had a group of fixed group of player groups, and gradually matured with the enthusiasm of the player and the efforts of the manufacturer until it still occupies a certain market share today.
      In May 2001, the "Tomber I" operated by Samsung Network Technology was listed on the market. The game emphasizes the concept of "leisure online game community", and strives to attract a group of more stable online gamers to attract a group of groups. However, it is regrettable that this leisure community online game from South Korea has not achieved expected results, and the number of online people has always maintained at a low level.
      "The Fourth World" developed by Beijing Chinese Star Digital Technology Co., Ltd. has not achieved satisfactory results. Like "Touching I", "Fourth World" is also a leisure community online game. It can be seen that during this period, domestic online game players did not seem to have a cold about this relaxed, casual community online game. After all, adventure and PK are more in line with people's psychology.
      . However, this game that is not successful does not affect the new round of offensives of Koreans, because in the same year, "Millennium" represented by Argent Agency finally launched after large -scale advertising. The "Millennium" with martial arts as the background was quickly recognized by players, and the sci -fi color "Red Moon", which was subsequently launched by Yalian, did not disappoint them. Although it is a work in early 2001, these two games can almost summarize the characteristics of Korean online games that are still unchanged today: intuitive, easy to get started, and the picture is excellent. Of course, there are PK freedom.
      The game that must be mentioned is the "Dragon" represented by the third wave of theater valley. The background setting of the European -style "Sword and Magic", exquisite pictures and sound effects, similar to the "Internet Genesis" system design, "Dragon" attracted too many old domestic online games. This is a 2D online game that still seems to be outstanding today, and it is not an exaggeration to call it the same batch of the Korean Liuliu games at that time.
      It no exaggeration to say that the domestic online game market in early 2001 is full of opportunities. It was also during this period that Korean online game products knocked on the door of the domestic online game market. The success of South Koreans is not accidental: the Korean government is very supportive of the gaming industry in the country and vigorously promotes the expansion of overseas markets. Mainland China is one of their expansion points. In 2000, South Korea's total game sales reached 835.9 billion won, equivalent to more than 6 billion yuan. The Korean computer game industry is already very developed and has a group of high -quality products. At the same time, South Korea's cultural background has a lot of similarity with China. Compared with European and American online games, Korean online games are more likely to be accepted by most Chinese players.
      The domestic online game market ushered in her Warring States Period. At that time, the survival conditions of the online game company were much better than now: they almost didn't have to consider how to attract a large number of players in the early stage like the current manufacturers -at that time, as long as they did not do too badly, they never worried about it. The number of players. Most of the issues that manufacturers care about: so many players are online at the same time, how to ensure the quality of connection? And the only difficulties in the players at that time: "Please, please don't do it like this?"
      When all kinds of people bring the happiness or money crazy for online games, each operation is operated by each operation. The differences in services of business began to appear. Due to the poor after -sales service, the game sales are in trouble, which was difficult to imagine before. However, due to the particularity of online games compared to stand -alone games, "service", which is almost ignored by domestic game manufacturers, has gradually begun to play a decisive role in this online game market war.
      We here we have to mention the game of "Dragon" again with the king's qualification. At the end of August 2001, a large -scale player riots occurred in each server of "Dragon". People madly slashed all strange players on the screen, and then they were chopped by them and the guard NPC ... In order to solve the various problems brought by "packets", the company returned the file to almost all players. Obviously, the blow of many old players who consciously fight against plug -in and packets are too great. The level of hard work and hard work, the equipment that has been done hard and dangerous, turns into black overnight. The official explanation is to strictly fight the cheating person, and the result of the return will not change. However, such a rough method does hurt the hearts of many people. What's more serious, the plug -in and packets of "Dragon" did not disappear as the operator hoped. The final result was: cheating players quickly recovered their vitality, while countless old players left the "Dragon" sadly. Essence Although the "Dragon" was not eliminated by the market because of the problem of plug -in and packets, it was precisely because operators had serious problems in terms of services that it could no longer be a game that could affect the domestic online game market.
      The days when we have been away from us, it can be described as the golden age of the domestic online game market. More and more merchants have begun to invest in the war market for the gaming market. Due to the limited research and development capabilities, coupled with the favorable conditions possessed by the Korean game production company, most domestic agency operation companies have chosen online games developed by the US dollar to introduce the US dollar to the Korean game production company, and then in domestic players Request to several times or dozens of times of investment returns. And this "curve to save the country" has also become a standard operation method of domestic online game companies at that time, and has continued to this day.
      In the spring of 2001, a downreach merchant who caused the project to be paralyzed due to the withdrawal of foreign capital appeared on the cusp of the tide of online games in China. At this time, he was uneasy about investing the last $ 300,000 into an agency operation of a Korean second -class online game. In the era when an online game merchant fought in the sky, no one noticed the existence of this humble little businessman. No one would think of, even the businessman himself did not expect that he created an immortal legend in the domestic online game industry a few months later.
      Yes, this is Chen Tianqiao and his "Legend".

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