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    What is the origin of Qipan Mountain in Shenyang? How is it like a chessboard? Or is it the sacred place for chess?


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. It is rumored that in ancient times in the Tianchi of Changbai Mountain. Every day when the lotus blooms, all the gods go to Tianchi to bathe in the lotus and visit the mountains. One year, the two immortal Tieguan Li and Lu Dongbin in the Eight Immortals bid farewell to the gods by the gods, and they were driving the clouds. Suddenly, there was a strange mountain like snow, shining, and stabbing their eyes. In the blink of an eye, they accepted the clouds and fog and came to the cliff. I saw the mountains and stones like jade, and the blue trees were like green. The two fairy saw a flat boulder along the stone, and they were light and slippery. Tie Tie Li screamed: It's a good chessboard, Brother Lu, why not rest for a while? From noon to the evening, they couldn't tell who lost and who won; at the evening, the Mingyue was reflected, and then you cars and me, and could not divide the winning or losing. The next day, at dawn, a cutting fireman under the mountain went up the mountain to cut off the firewood. I saw the two old men playing tightly and could not help but move towards the old man who looked at the chess. I don't know how long it has been, this young man felt hungry, and hurriedly ran down the mountain and returned to the mountain to eat, and returned to the mountain. But the old man who played chess had gone. He returned to the village that day and said, the old people suddenly said: It's Tieguang Li Xun Lu Dongbin! Everyone has passed ten, ten passes. So, the Shili Ba Village near the mountain is called Qipan Mountain

    2. Qipan Mountain is the long -Bailian pulse. At the entrance of the scenic area, there is a statue of Tieguai Li and Lu Dongbin. The name of Qipan Mountain also shows the richness of the "chess and card" culture of Qipan Mountain.
      It Speaking of chess and cards, I suggest you go to Shengjing chess and card, Shenyang people's favorite.

    3. It turned out that the players on the mountain all went to Shengjing chess and played. There was only a chessboard left on the mountain. Therefore, in order to commemorate the poor mountain, the name of the chess room of Shengjing chess and card was changed to "Qi Pan Mountain". Once, the cottage in China is serious.

    4. As a Shenyang native. Essence I really do not know. It is only pretty good to bring Qipan Mountain. I only went to play a card to go to Shengjing chess and not go to Qipan Mountain

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