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    What are the virtual location software for check -in?


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. First, micro positioning.
      1. I don't want to let my friends know your specific position, don't want strangers to find you at will? Still want to rectify him, she, now install this software to solve all your troubles in front of you, this software can set it at will at will After setting a geographical coordinate position, send it to your friends and tell him where you are there, and then let him, she can find it herself, (entertainment is limited, please use it carefully).
      2. Support WeChat, Momo, Mi Liao, Century Jiayuan and other mobile phone applications for camouflage geographical location, support Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo to disguise geographical information, you can change the city to send a Weibo, disguise your WeChat where you live Geographical location, you can set anywhere on the map to the location of your WeChat.
      3. The people around WeChat are no longer restricted by your current region, helping your WeChat "precise positioning" to any of the corners of the world, and then talk about the people in that place.
      Software features:
      The can set the current geographical location and send it to friends at will. The software can be used as a simple map software. There is no advertising.
      . WeChat positioning elf.
      WeChat positioning elf, generally known as WeChat positioning master, nationwide positioning, positioning abroad to improve the circle of friends, social virtual positioning all helps you solve. You can send this place to friends, or circle of friends. Try it, and you will not be in love.
      . Virtual positioning elf.
      I virtual positioning elf, which is generally known as the positioning king APP, and think that the positioning Elf APP is a functional software that can help users modify the location information and support the disguise position (global positioning). APP allows you to change the geographical location of the mobile phone as you want and to achieve positioning in any corner.
      Software Introduction
      Virtual positioning elf, you can modify the location information on the software so that you can travel throughout the world without leaving home. In order to pursue more accurate virtual location information, more professional and safer WeChat positioning assistants. How big your heart is, how far your positioning can be.
      The function introduction
      1. Virtual positioning can help WeChat users modify the location information, locate to any corner, and realize that they do not leave home and swim through the world.
      2. This product integrates a new version of Baidu Map to achieve a variety of practical functions and help users screen coordinates.
      3. After the user determines the coordinates, choose to go to the coordinate, and then log in to your account to position the coordinate position you choose.
      4. You can send the location to a friend, or a circle of friends, or check the people nearby, or send a real time to your friends.
      5. It is suitable for punch -in -in -card applications, positioning attendance applications, etc.
      6. Software includes: intelligent search function, collection address function.
      . The virtual positioning king of the carp.
      1. The virtual positioning king supports arbitrarily changing the geographical location worldwide, so that you can know the handsome MM of the other place, and position it abroad to enhance the popularity of friends in the circle of friends. Social applications and games can change their geographical location. Application and game virtual positioning can help users change mobile phone positioning information. As you arbitrarily position to any corner of the world, realize not to go home and travel all over the world.
      2. WeChat mobile phone positioning integrates a new version of the map to achieve a variety of practical functions and help users screen the coordinates. After the user determines the coordinates, choose to go to the coordinate, and then log in to your social application. Positioning to the coordinates you choose, you can send the location to a friend, or a circle of friends, or to view people nearby, or send real -time positions to your friends.
      5. Virtual positioning king.
      is a software to locate family members. Check out their current position and the historical trajectory of the day. The current position and the historical trajectory of the day. You can send the current position of the binding mobile phone and the historical itinerary of the day to your mobile phone, so that you can know the status of the other party at any time.
      6. Virtual positioning assistant.
      I virtual positioning assistants are*accurate simulation positioning, line and travel planning mobile software. Let you control the surrounding positions at any time.
      Main features:
      individualized current settings, promote the current surrounding interest point information, route planning, and more paths needed by users, plan the perfect line, click on any position, simulate the existence to reach Location, supporting the straight -line and navigation mode double -sweeping street mode, has a stable functional core, and at the same time realize the technical concept of the world for our travel.
      7. Virtual positioning master.
      1. Adapted the Android 10 system, free ROOT supports Android applications dual -opening, infinitely open avatars, and a mobile phone can easily implement WeChat dual -opening, WeChat avatar, WeChat small, QQ open, Momo more open , Explore more open avatars such as more opening and game.
      2. And add practical functions such as virtual positioning, model simulation, simulation WIFI, and simulation steps. Multi -opening engines are derived from kernel technology and do not occupy memory. Based on the official app, do not tamper with the original package, open more and more stable. Social, entertainment, game users must be necessary!
      3. Apply double open avatars, support WeChat double opening, WeChat avatar, QQ dual opening, Momo dual opening, exploration double opening, Taobao double opening, game double opening, etc., large and small number must be available, unlimited application more open avatars, perfectly support WeChat more open opening more open Qq more open, Momo more open, exploration more open, more game, etc., unique memory management mechanisms, unlimited opening is not stuck.
      eight, the world.
      The world and reaches, generally also known as the world's position positioning software, the world's simulator positioning software, and the world simulator.
      Software Introduction
      The APP application of the day and reaches is an app application that perfectly changes the geographical location of Momo, WeChat, QQ, and is also a dating marketing artifact. The main function of the world is to change the geographical location of the mobile phone. The use of the ROOT version of the world can simply and quickly position the designated area (support at home and abroad). Momo, WeChat, QQ, meet, film and television radar, etc., nearby users will change.
      The function introduction
      1. Fully support QQ, support the geographical location of the Weibo of people near QQ space, the WeChat appointment, the world supports multiple positioning, you can install hundreds of WeChat, each WeChat, each WeChat, each WeChat You can choose your own position. People near Momo use the world to change the geographical location of Momo at will, and people nearby are also changed.
      2. Quick broadcast radar search, and you can't see good films for fast broadcasts. Your location changes at will. You only need to settle in the crowd -intensive place. Are you worrying about Chagang? Use the world to change the position to find the geographical location of my iPhone.
      . Open the avatar virtual position.
      The ROOT supports Android application games double -opening, unlimited open avatars, and a mobile phone can easily achieve dual -opening, open, virtual positioning, model simulation and other practical functions. The official app, does not tampering the original package, is more fast and stable, and has adapted to the Android 10.0 system, social, entertainment, and game users.
      Id WeChat double -opening, WeChat avatars, QQ double opening, Momo double -opening, exploring double opening, Taobao double opening, game double opening, etc., social, game users free use.
      2. Virtual positioning.
      The official map of Tencent, supporting GPS, base stations, WIFI simulation positioning, supporting various types of social application simulation positioning, Boujun master mahjong fishing and card game virtual positioning, live video virtual positioning, attendance check -in, etc. Position privacy, and you can travel through the world without leaving home.
      3. Free simulation model.
      free one -click model camouflage. Each avatars can set different models to effectively protect user equipment privacy.*Reduced multiple opening dangerous danger.
      4. More functions.
      Id the functions such as simulation WiFi, simulation camera, simulation steps, red envelope assistants and other functions waiting for you to experience.
      . Under the legend, mobile phone virtual keyboard Chinese version.
      The legendary mobile phone virtual keyboard Chinese is an app that can experience the legendary game under the legendary game with a virtual handle button. You can easily set the virtual button to use this application. You can use these buttons to operate, abandon some of the previous operation settings, change the keys and transparency, the layout settings will be clearer, and it is also very fun to play.

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