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    Warcraft Tutorial


    Sep 22, 2022

    Novice tutorial is not a task strategy. It is necessary to pay attention to the precautions or terms, experience, race, arms characteristics, and confrontation of the time. Do not video. Hope to enlighten prawns from various ways.

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    1. I don't like to use copy and paste.
      I now use my own way to tell you. The best way to play this instant strategy game is to play the plot directly. The plot of each race will be high -level from the low level, and it will develop from simple to difficult to develop. And it will also understand the development history of Warcraft during the game.
      If you go directly to download the video video online, you can't see one reason!
      So play the plot first to understand the arms of each race, understand the specialties of each race, and choose the race you like to specialize in your favorite race!

    2. Owner, I will give you a suggestion. I was almost the same as you. I grew up in Sina's forum. Later, he turned around in major World of Warcraft forums, such as RN.

      This more, diving also gains.

    3. Preface
      The game starts, and quickly order your farmers to start collecting resources, build a building, build your offensive buildings, and then produce soldiers and heroes. After the soldiers accumulate to a certain amount The level of your hero, find new resource points.
      The town transmission scroll
      The how to use the town transmission scroll.
      The defense is very important. Building defense buildings at your base and expansion points, because you are likely to lose in the battle, which is equivalent to losing the expansion while losing the advantage of the battle. The advantage of the point is because your expansion point has no defensive building. But don't work too much on the defense, so you will lose a lot of resources. If you convert the corresponding resources into a living force, it may be much useful.

      The natural buildings
      sm not to be afraid to build a defensive tower next to natural buildings. This can prevent the enemy from using these buildings without cost. Protect.

      In order to provide new combat units, you must provide a certain food for your army so that you can be able to produce new units. The supply of food is listed in the upper right corner of the screen. Do not wait until the system prompts to build more foods to provide buildings to achieve more units to build the corresponding building. Pay attention to the supply of food at all times, and then decide whether to build it as needed. New building. Under normal circumstances, population growth represents the increase in the number of your army, reducing the unit that represents you is being killed.

      The food limit
      In war3, the upper limit of the food is 90. At the beginning of the game, your base will provide a certain amount of food. In the future Build more buildings that can provide food. The Non -Dead people can build a psychic tower, human beings build a farm, the night elves build the moon well, and the orcs build a beast hole to maintain food supplement. But no matter how much you build such buildings, the food limit will not exceed 90.

      In release to increase food limit
      Sometimes you want to produce a very important arms immediately, but there is no enough food for the time being. At this time, you need to kill some workers or some. Powerful soldiers to restore food supply. This method can only be used at an emergency.

      The corpse
      The body will leave the body after the death of most units. The corpse is of great significance to some units. The air unit and hero will not leave the body after the death. The corpse will disappear on the ground after 88 seconds.

      knows how to fight your opponent every move
      No matter what your enemy does, you should immediately know how to deal with it. Can.

      The reconnaissance is the easiest way to achieve the above purpose. You can check the reconnaissance section in the above navigation bar.

      In look at replays, and then summarize the cause of your failure
      war3 is a game that needs to be understood. When you fail to fight In the future, win in the game. Looking at replay is the simplest way to find a place where you do not do well, and find out the place where major mistakes. If you still can't find the reason for your failure after watching your own replay, send the reposse to your friends Let them give you some suggestions.

      offensive and defense
      The best offensive is the best defense. Don't spend too much resources and energy for your base defense. There is no weakness for any defense system. You should put resources and energy on the production of offensive units, research on technology, and expansion points.

      This tree
      On some maps, you need to remove some trees to get a gold mines; it is also possible to clear a forest to achieve the purpose of fighting the enemy. Usually the method of removing the trees is:

      Human: the mortar team

      Night elves: Crossbow car, ancient guardian
      nYou can let your siege unit use multiple command methods to automatically destroy the forest.

      has other methods of removal tree:

      Human: Flame attack
      The orcs: Earthquake
      Night elves: Natural power.
      In Naddonic: Death withering, hell fire

      Special delayed tactics
      If you continue to have no base within 2 minutes, the system will tell you all allies, Remember that the base in construction will also be counted as a base.
      The experience value will be scattered and given all friend forces in a certain area.
      The experience points required for each level.

      hero level 1 2 3 4 5 5 6 7 8 9 10
      Requirement experience value 0 500 900 1400 2000 2700 3500 4400 5400

      The experience value you can get by killing heroes at different levels, such as you Killing a level 4 hero can get 140 experience values.

      I hero level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 0
      Get the experience value 80 100 120 140 160 280 280 320 400

      Reference experience given by neutral forces and general units. A 9 -level neutral force will give you 320 points of experience. You can view how much experience value you will get for each race unit attribute, but the experience value of the player unit is 1.25 times that of neutral troops of the same level. Killing a first -level player unit will get 25 points of experience.

      unit level 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 0
      120 160 240 320 400

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