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    The product and operation description of the TT game


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    1. The TT game center platform builds a world of social systems and economic systems with basic and sound platforms through integrating many popular games, so that players play a specific role to fight against the game.
      TT game center platform is a large urban leisure entertainment game with a variety of functions such as games, videos, and dating. The platform uses the city as the game background. On the one hand, players can get entertainment and leisure through the landlord, scams and other chess and card games. On the other hand, players can also get better relaxation and rest through call anchor, dating, videos, chat and other social functions. The most basic concept of the platform is the same city game. Different from the positioning of a single "same city" in the same city game, the city of this platform mainly includes four aspects: game language, game scenes, the content, rules, names, and players of the game itself.
      Language dialect: After entering the game of the same city, the system prompts are local dialects. Whether it is Beijing dialect, Tianjin dialect, or Wu Nong's soft -speaking Hakka Turkey, it is set according to the characteristics of different cities, so that players, especially players in the field, fully feel the intimate atmosphere of their hometown, if they are in their hometown.
      The localization: After the player logs in, the interface of the same city will present the iconic building and the main streets of the city, so that the player will be as kind when playing the game. And these buildings, the road signs are also characteristic investment. Types of game types: The client will install chess and card games popular in various cities, and make different settings according to different conditions in different regions, so that all local players can find their familiar games.
      The localization of game rules: In the same game, the gameplay and rules in different regions will be different due to regional differences. The system will be set separately according to the habits of various regions to maximize players in various places.
      The localization: The same game, the names of different regions are also different. For example, the "Battle of the Foundation" in the Tangshan area is called "black tip" in Tianjin, and the Harbin area is called "catching black guns". The game is called localization. Even if the player is more convenient when choosing a game to operate the game, it adds a local color to the game.
      Players in the same city: In the same city game, players in the same city are mostly played and more handy. A account, playing the nationwide platform to achieve the first model, that is, the player register a account, and can join the game in any province or city. And whether it is participating in the same city game and large platform games, the system will automatically retain data for players, and the points and consumption are uniform and universal. In this way, no matter where you are, where you want to play, you can do whatever you want. More dazzling and cooler game interfaces
      The chess and card games on the market are as many stars, but most of the operating interfaces are like ordinary web games, monotonous without beauty. The operating interface of the TT game center platform is beautiful and romantic. On the basis of a large number of feminine colors, using a translucent effect, the entire picture looks soft and exquisite, gorgeous and gorgeous.
      , and our platform also integrates the scenery, characteristics, and humanistic colors of different cities into the game interface of different clients, making the entire game more humanistic. For example, the game interface in Harbin will mainly focus on the beauty of its ice and ice and the cultural heritage of the ice city, mainly cold -colored tones. The login screen of Kunming will be made with flowers, the warm weather in the spring of the four seasons, and the heritage of the spring city to show the warm tone of the spring color. Putting the most beautiful side of various cities on the interface of the game can effectively pull closer to the psychological distance from the players in the region, and generate a sense of intimacy and pride on the basis of aesthetics, thereby attracting more players.
      can be said that the TT game center platform is the first gorgeous sense of both a large -scale online game interface and a more professional game platform than any chess and card game in the concept of humanized operations.
      The tailor -made
      TT game center platform for players in various regions, tailoring different clients for players in 327 cities across the country. Players in each region can participate without restrictions. This has greatly changed the status quo of "water and water" and "requiring secondary learning" of some national platforms (such as Shenzhen Tencent's QQ platform, Beijing's Lianzhong platform, etc.). On the one hand, the client is produced according to the characteristics of different cities and game customs, which are mainly reflected in the style, system language, game category, name, and gameplay settings. At the same time as the state, players can really feel that the game is tailor -made for them.
      On the other hand, players can also participate in special gameplay in other regions, which greatly facilitates players.
      The fashion game style
      The fashionable and beautiful metropolis is the main style and background of the TT game center platform and its game. From the perspective of communication, the city is one of the most popular vocabulary of the audience. Moreover, from the perspective of social psychology, "urban" is almost the style of life that everyone is longing for. Life is secretly in line with it, and players are no exception, and it can be said to be even more. Fashionable and prosperous cities as the base of the game will help to stimulate the social psychology of players, so that the game is welcome. The city under the night will be colorful because of this game. Players are intoxicated and chasing their ideals about the city.
      update login interface
      When the player logs in the game, the program is automatically updated, and after the update is over, enter the login interface. The player enters the account number and password when registering. You can also set the platform before login. At the same time, in order to ensure the security of the account and code, the platform is specially set with keyboard input. You can enter the game.
      The platform lobby interface
      In login, it enters the lobby of the game selection. There are many modes here, and a variety of games for players to choose from. The background interface of different clients is different, depending on the client downloaded by the player. (For example, the player downloads the Beijing client, and the background interface is based on Beijing). In this way, when players in different cities choose the game they want to play, they can still feel the local urban background and streets, so that players will be there. Fight. Make players start the game in the great enjoyment of visual aesthetics.
      The clients in each city are tailor -made for local cities. Urban buildings, billboards, game icons, etc. are attracting the advertising content in the local city. The game icon shows the local game name, and the total number of players in the local city shows the total number of local cities. Let the players experience the city's fun in the strong and friendly atmosphere of their hometown, and pay attention to local business conditions.
      S selection interface
      Player when choosing a game, you can choose the game mode you want to play, and then choose the game you want to play. The platform provides national games, local games, anti -cheating fields, competition fields, PK fields and other modes. Each game will provide romantic leisure field, extreme challenge field, fighting wisdom and brave field, carnival casino and other fares, so that players will allow players有灵活的选择性与可操作性rn玩家操作界面rn在游戏中,玩家具有很强的灵活性和自主性,可以设置个人信息,上传照片,rn选择头像, Check your own level and other information. Players can also view their own items, buy jewelry and tools, and make system settings and other
      room interface
      The room system is the most distinctive system of the TT game center platform. It is to meet the different needs of many players. Set.
      , on the one hand, the room system provides a platform for players. Players can show space here, earn income, and speculate in real estate. On the other hand, the homeowner of the room can enjoy the comprehensive "property services" we provided in their own site. For example, when someone enters the room game, you can draw a bonus to the homeowner.
      In addition, the homeowner also has a series of unique absolute power in this system. For example, players can buy accessories and home supplies according to their personal preferences, and arrange their rooms according to their ideas and creativity. Become a virtual home with self -characteristics. Moreover, the homeowner can also invite friends to enter the room to play games together, just like inviting relatives and friends to play cards at their own homes in real life. So I really give the player as the owner of my site as my master, forming a home -like gaming psychology and gaming status. The avatar system
      replaced the avatar you are satisfied with. The platform provides 60 ordinary personality avatars, and also provides 60 VIP noble avatars. At the same time, the player is a VIP member, and you can enjoy the fun of uploading your avatars anytime, anywhere.
      Email system
      In the setting of the email system, on the one hand, in order to facilitate players, they can also receive news from the system or other players in time when they are not online. The award -winning information sent by the system or other players want to trade items with you will be stored in the player's mailbox. After the player goes online, you can obtain information by checking the mailbox.
      On the other hand, the email system also has the function of remittance and remittances that are similar to the real post office. Players can mail items to friends, or they can mail game coins for good friends.
      can be said that this system is equivalent to the post office.
      In hairbox: write to another player, fill in the recipient's nickname, theme, and content, and at the same time you can mail items and game coins, and then pay the mailing fee. Send to friends.
      The inbox: List a large number of emails sent by friends, strangers, etc. here can query, delete, and reply.
      System boxes: Here are all messages published by the system and GM. Players can view the recent system messages and announcements. Understand the latest developments of the platform and the recent activities held.
      The props system
      When you are fighting landlords, the quiet computer screen suddenly gorgeous peach blossoms, accompanied by the Scottish wind whistle to the melodious music, and the middle of the heart -shaped pattern of thousands of red roses. Flashing the phrase "I hope to have passion with you", the warm sea breeze blows, and the player seems to be in the bow of Titanic ...
      This is definitely not a difficult dream. In the exquisite props we provided to players, this effect has this effect. And the lucky players will get a beautiful and precious gift because of these roses. These props are just a small part of the many wonderful props we provide. The concept of our design props is innovation, romance, practical, and low.
      Chat items: The props mall is a item sold to players. The props are divided into chat, pass love, accumulate classification, recommendation, and players can use specified types of props to use in the game. Each prop. Equipped with gorgeous and dazzling beautiful animations, giving players a visually great aesthetic enjoyment, making the player intoxicated game feast. Chat props red rose application interface
      decorative props: room props are also room decorations, room props are divided into background, decoration, theme, recommendation, players can buy the corresponding room decorations, you can press yourself according to yourself His preferences are warm and elegant, romantic and affectionate.
      The speaker system
      do you want your voice to flutter in the game and the entire area? Do you want your advertisements to spread throughout the province, cities and regions? The announcement system of Shangshang Entertainment and Leisure Platform will be implemented for you one by one in the game. The announcement system is also called the microphone system. The platform provides real -time microphone. It is now available. When the user needs to issue an announcement in the field where the game is being played, you can click on the small microphone of the chat bar at any time to release discourse and voice.
      The information about your information, show your personality, say loudly that I want. Happy, I shouted loudly!
      platform speakers: Players use the interface of the microphone in the national arena game
      The friend system
      TT game center platform is a large entertainment leisure platform. Enjoy the fun of making friends. When your chess is difficult to solve the opponent, when you encounter a conscience, you do n’t vomit, when you want to be an exquisite “real estate agent”, you can compile your friends circle through a friend system. With a friend system, players can also invite online friends to join the game at any time, which can make more convenient friends with friends, and they can know the details of friends at any time. The friend system helps players to greatly shorten the distance between people, make friends closer, friendship more realistic, and care more about the conversation.
      It is a friend: You can both play friends who are often playing together, handsome guys and beautiful women as their friends. You can also add the anchor and GM as a friend who serves players.
      The friends: Some friends are mistakenly added, and they are very annoying and very embarrassed. The player can delete his friend circle.
      Chat friends: View your friends, follow whether they are online, focus on their latest developments and details.
      Chatting system
      Min people need communication between people. Good communication can help us better understand each other. Effective exchanges in work can improve work efficiency, and mutual communication between students in learning helps to extend thinking. The communication between players and players is no exception. Effective communication in the game will allow the game to be carried out in a relaxed and happy atmosphere, and players will gain faster success and more friendship.
      Thising while playing while playing games has high requirements for people's response ability and language organization ability. People who think about agile often can also talk about it in the game to answer the tricks of other players; You can decide your own game strategy through the game -related words that are mentioned during chatting; those who are cheerful and cheerful and love friends can also talk to those who are "interested" with themselves in the game; Two nonsense words, the loss of "not good words" will also be forgiven by others. Novices who have no temper or angry can also ask the master to ask for one or two ...
      The chat system has created a dating platform for players, but also Provide players with a venting platform for emotional release, so that players can be truly relaxed during the game.
      The chat system is divided into three channels: all people, systems, and secret chat.
      system: The channel for the official release.
      In everyone: Use everyone's channel to chat in the game hall, and all players who have not entered the room in the hall can see. After entering the room, the chat content of everyone can only see the players in the room.
      It secret chat: use a secret chat channel in the game hall. Only players on both sides who have a secret chat can see the content. Other players can not see it. After entering the room, you can use the secret chat channel to have a secret chat with the players in the room. You can also talk to players who are not in the same room or hall.
      Send the icon: Enter the shape of the car. After entering the information you want to send in the input box, you can click this button to send the message directly.
      Emoticon icons: Send a dynamic expression to mobilize the atmosphere of chat.
      Customized statements: The commonly used sentences in the game that players are customized, or what they often say.
      screen icon: clear the information in the chat box.
      Email icon: Send the express button of the email. Those who want to talk to them if they are not online, they can leave a message through the mail.
      Tt game center platforms from the player's perspective, designed an extremely convenient and beautiful chat interface, and players can hide, pop up, and drag the chat box according to their needs.
      The bank system
      has the circulation of currency, which will correspond to the bank's wealth management and the TT banking system is your private bank. You need your own exclusive password to enter to help you financial management!
      The system exchange will exchanged ingots to gold and silver coins.
      The deposit withdrawal will deposit the ingots, gold coins, silver coins, and deposit in the bank according to personal requirements. It is safe and convenient at any time!
      It online transfer to facilitate the interaction between players. Just enter the nickname of the other party.
      The password setting input "Original Password", "New Password" and "Password Confirmation" can easily modify your bank login password in three steps, safe and fast.
      room system
      playing cards? to chat with? video? This kind of entertainment is not enough. I am the main site. In addition to the game functions of the TT game center platform, there are many special features. The room system is the most distinctive one.
      do you want to have a "home" that belongs to your own? Do you want to show "room" to other players through your own decoration? If you want to sing for the players in the game in his room, do you play if you are upset? If you want to play games, you can also chat in the living room of the room, please ask an anchor to help. Do you want to get bonus from the players who enter your own room game even if you go offline?
      This are no longer impossible. The room system of the TT game center platform can help players to achieve it, allowing players to have their own "leisure home".
      The living room system
      In order to give players a game environment, TT specially launched the room system! This is a fully personalized game space, with many customized features!
      The players who can accommodate the living room are 10, and players can chat and games in the living room! You can also go to watch with friends to make suggestions for others.
      Muctant information in the living room, player information in the room, room VIP information, video player list, and message board function!
      The auction system
      The auction system meets the needs of the player's supply. The items that players can auction in the auction system include: diamonds, gold coins, silver coins, rooms, props.
      The items that can be hung up at any time can be retracted at any time, providing a broad market for the interaction between players.
      each player can hang up to 5 pens at a time. Can check your auction situation at any time, and other people's hanging goods.
      bug system
      In order to make our game more complete, the official is specially set in the game in the game! The official special reward, invite many players to find the game bug!
      This to submit, pop up the dialog box, and enter the detailed text description of the bug in the dialog box (the text does not exceed 100 words). After submitting, the review is not correct, and will submit the player equivalent prizes based on the Submitted BUG size reward!
      member system
      tt game center platform combined with its own product characteristics, providing players with a brand new and rich member system. Join members and enjoy more discounts. Enjoy more advanced treatment, enjoy the glory brought by the aristocratic identity, enjoy the envy of other players, and enjoy more privileges!
      TT members are divided into national VIP, namely "Platinum Member" local VIP, "Gold Member"
      The recharge system
      does not need to enter the website, and it is directly recharged on the game platform, which is convenient and fast.
      The recharge system, provides players with novice cards, and click Card to recharge. No need to log in to the game URL, you can realize the recharge process in the game and improve your energy in time!
      The recharge system also supports the recharge function of him. Just change the recharge account to a user who wants to recharge, you can easily help it recharge, without other troublesome programs, one -stop recharge.
      Angel system
      The platform provides angel host functions. Players must be freely reviewed. After passing the platform review, they can become the platform's gold medal angel. Players can pay the angel invitations to chat with the angels, videos, videos, videos, videos, videos, videos, videos, videos, videos, and videos, make friends.
      Video system
      The player in the living room interface can send video invitations to online players through an invitation system. After the other party agrees, the two parties can establish video chat. Of course, in the game interface, players can click on the camera above the opponent's avatar , Establish a video chat relationship with other players.
      gm management system
      Pura administrators will have an additional GM management button in the living room and other scenarios. The administrator can prohibit the illegal players, kick out, lock accounts and other operations.
      In invitation systems
      In order to facilitate players to quickly find other players, players can in the living room system. You can invite players to play games by inviting the system, invite players to perform video and other operations
      It is a large leisure and entertainment platform that integrates leisure, entertainment, videos, dating, and city interaction. It is different from ordinary chess and card platforms. It also integrates the industry's community interaction into it. The fun brought by the network. Of course, the platform has many functions on numerical systems, such as: bubble system, upgrade system, title system, ticket system, resurrection system, PK system, diamond system, promotion system, gift system, advertising system, etc. The game hall is the interface that players must browse. The huge visits contain rich advertising resources.
      The localized game lobby has a "walking light" bulletin board. Playing local advertisements will be more convenient, and it will also make players feel the breath of the city, which is closer to the needs of the player. On the local client, the shops and buildings of the lobby will be replaced with designated buildings. China Mobile Business Hall, China Telecom Business Hall, Street Lantern, Phone Hall, Supermarket, Clothing Store, Restaurant, etc. The lobby of the entire city will become exactly the same as the most prosperous street. Let the player seem to be in the state of immersive, enjoy it, play in it, and have endless fun. The room system in the game area is a natural investment platform. You can also use the company's logo or directly designed the picture of the building as the style of the real estate business. In this way, the player can directly see the development of the developed building, which will stimulate the player's desire to buy in the subconscious.
      Investment in the hall, investment in the venue area, room investment, game investment, scene investment ...
      prize system.
      Conent system, daily gifts According to the latest data of CNNIC, the number of online game user groups in the Chinese online game user base is 28.29 million, and the age layer of the game population will continue to expand. With the development of the Internet and the rapid development of the online game, online game platforms are loved by more and more broadband users, and gradually become their main online leisure and entertainment venues. Those leisure games with the largest number of players will become the key development field of future online games. In many online games, they will be the most popular. Moreover, with the further improvement of users 'paid capacity, users' requirements for online games, especially chess and card games, will inevitably increase.
      TT game center platform is positioned here to develop and develop all domestic chess and card players. On the basis of supporting mass gameplay, the platform focuses on the same city game with local characteristics. The TT game center platform is facing the public. Its target group includes all players who love chess and card games, and are especially economic payment capabilities at the age of 25-35.
      Compared with existing national and local platforms, players on the TT game center platform will be more extensive. This is mainly because the TT game center platform can not only meet the general game desires of ordinary players, but also meet the high online game consumption of urban white -collar workers. Moreover, you can also absorb a large number of players who are rusty to the public, but players who particularly like local chess and cards and have not yet developed related platforms where they are located, such as female players, and those who are superior to those who are superb but not convenient for people. It can even attract non -network users to participate. Moreover, with the increasing number of population flow, many people are in a foreign country. These players can download the clients of their hometown to participate in the game. The TT game center platform with local characteristics of the same city game must comfort the hometown of these players.
      can be said that the TT game center is a platform that uses 25-35 to have spending power players as the main target group. At the same time, it is applicable to all players and can also meet the special needs of special players. Platform solution: The TT game center platform has a network module with independent intellectual property rights. The entire network service side is independently developed and constructed by the company's program department.
      The game database uses SQL Server 2008 to achieve the highest data performance. The throughput can reach more than 100,000 users to perform human -computer interaction at the same time.
      The architecture, modules, systems, and various games of the entire platform are carefully planned by the planning department. Only to officially put it on the market. The TT game center platform is a comprehensive online game with independent property rights. The most afraid of online games is the plug -in. Once the source code is leaked, the plug -in such as a card watchri, a licensed device, and a card caught device may occur at any time. Once there is a plug -in, the game will lose fairness, which will cause players to lose a large number of or even loyal losses, which will greatly affect the income of operators and even lose their blood.
      The secondary development of chess and card games popular in the industry, played the second out of the game, may also exist in the hands of other people in the industry. As long as your platform is done, popularity comes up, and anyone may develop at any time to develop at any time. Out -out program.
      and the anti -external technology of the TT game center platform fully considers this, which will guarantee your return to the greatest extent.
      Platform solution: During the development of the TT game center platform, for the equality and fairness of the player, when the server sends a packet to the client player, the server only sends a personal card to the player. The number of cards. In this way, even if you are captured and cut, you can only get the information of one player's card, while the other two players' information is the only card. In this way, it fundamentally cut off the development of plug -in, so as to truly realize anti -external technology, and also fundamentally protects your benefits and eliminates your worries. The national platforms mainly include Shenzhen Tencent's QQ platform, Beijing's Lianzhong platform, China Telecom's China Game Center, NetEase's bubble platform, Shanda's wing platform, game tea garden platform, and Shanghai face -to -face game platform. The above platforms all provide a large number of leisure games. Its popularity, picture quality, sound effects, and animation are the best chess and card platforms in the industry.
      but at the same time, these platforms have a common weakness, that is, their games are popular gameplay, ignoring regional differences, which can not reflect the characteristics and customs of various regions. The familiar chess and card players have brought inconvenience, which leads to the loss of a large number of players who are familiar with local gameplay but lack of understanding of the public.
      Our advantage: The TT game center platform is a local city -like game. Each local game is tailor -made based on the local city. The dubbing, screens, and scenes of each game are mainly local characteristics. The game The Chinese players feel the characteristic language of the hometown, the friendship of my hometown, and the charm and customs of their hometown. They can talk about the topic of their hometown with friends in their hometown, so that players, especially those who are temporarily in the game atmosphere in their hometown, in the game atmosphere of their hometown Play, its joy is endless. Heilongjiang's Longyu, Dalian's Entertainment Network, relatives in Sichuan, Tang people in Suzhou, Tianjin in Tianjin, Jilin's Wind and Thunder, Daqing's oil rabbits, and birds in Shenyang are all local chess and card platforms. Their rules of the game are Local gameplay is convenient for local players.
      but these games have a unified weakness, that is, the platform account of each of their games. The other one cannot be used in the other. Such chess and cards can only be used as a city at most. If you want a larger scale, you will be restricted by itself.
      Our advantage: Whether it is participating in the same city game or large platform games, the system will automatically retain data for players, uniform points and consumption. We are a comprehensive platform. Under our platform, you can play through the north and south of the motherland. Moreover, the number one model implemented by our platform, that is, the player registered an account, can join the game in any province and any city. This truly realizes the same city in the same city, not the same city in a certain city and a province.
      In addition, our platform also helps to develop a large number of players who are familiar with local gameplay but are rusty for the public. Traditional leisure chess and chess cards are not very strong in integrating resources. Some of their advertising resources can only be promoted for customers on the official webpage. It is difficult to achieve the integration of other resources on the program client. Essence
      Our advantage: The client of each city is made of tailor -made, and will provide partners with an advertising management tool. Each advertisement in the game. The partners only need to make pictures and upload it to submit it to submission to submission to Server, systems will automatically update when players on different clients enter the game. The scenes and advertising information content in the game will become information submitted by partners. Realize the convenient and fast resource management in the true sense. In recent years, mobile phones have gradually emerged as the fifth media, and the high intelligence, multifunctional, and portability of mobile phones have made their position in people's lives increasingly important. Mobile games also play an increasingly important role in people's leisure and entertainment.
      With my country's opening to the 3G batch number earlier this year, the 3G mobile phone market will soon become popular. It is foreseeable that there will be more and more powerful 3G mobile phones into the market. At the same time, the mobile game market will also become a hot land.
      In Yueyang Shengyou Network Technology Co., Ltd. from the long -term perspective, when designing the TT game center platform, it has already taken into account the development of mobile chess and card games in the future. After the TT game center platform is listed, our company's R

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