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    The classification of interest and interest in English


    Sep 22, 2022
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    1. Interest Hobby
      surfing surfing
      skin ski
      baseball baseball
      tennis tennis nsoccer football nswimming swim Travel
      boat race rowing
      bobsleight/bobsled sled
      boxing boxing nCANOE SLALOM
      CANOE rowing
      CHESS chess nCricket ncycling bicycles R nDiving diving
      downhill race Speed ​​ski race, slipped
      Dragon-Boat Racing Dragon Ship
      dressage dressing

      FENCING Fenate nfigure Skating NFOOTBALL (English)/Soccer (American) Football
      Freestyle Freedom
      gliding; Global
      golf golf
      greece-raoman wrestling classical wrestling ngymnastic apparatus gymnastics
      handball handball
      hockey hockey
      hold, lock button
      hurdles/Hurdle Race cross -column
      kicking kick
      ice skating skating r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r nindoor indoor
      item archery arrows
      judo judo
      jumping barrier
      kayak kayak
      Mat Exercises cushion nmodern modern fiveth sport nmountain bike
      Parallel Bars double bar
      Polo polo
      Relation work
      Relay race; Relay relay
      rings suspension nRoller skating
      rugby nsailing-sailing
      shooting shooting
      ski jump high ski
      ski jumping high ski competition
      ski skiing board
      skine ski NSWIMING Swimming
      table Tennis Table Tennis
      TAEKWONDO Taekwondo
      TENNIS Tennis
      TOXOPHILY archery
      track circuit n travela ntrapez ntriathlon titles NTUG-OF-WAR tug of war n volleyball
      badminton badminton
      baseball baseball
      walking; walking race away
      WALL Bars rib
      water polo water ball n n n Weightlifting
      weights heavyweight
      Winter Sports Winter Sports
      Wrestling Falling
      yacht yacht
      n entertainment
      nmusic music appreciation
      mahjong mahjong handicraft technology
      surf the internet access the Internet
      Playing computer game

    2. Hobby's hobbies TASTE hobby be in/ have a tastefor. Essence Essence有兴趣refined taste 高雅的品位suit one's taste 符合某人的嗜好man 兴趣广泛的人stamp 集邮music 音乐欣赏hunting打猎baseball 棒球tennis 网球soccer 足球swimming 游泳horse-race赛马手工艺mahjong 麻将surfing 冲浪skiing 滑雪hitch-hike免费Traveling HIKING Hiking Hiking Bag-Packer Backpack

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