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    Is the dream dream virtual machine easy to use?


    Sep 23, 2022

    Friends say that the dream virtual machine is one -click to install the VM virtual machine and the system. Is it true? Is it easy to use?

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    1. The virtual machine is simply a virtual computer. This virtual computer is almost exactly the same as the real computer. The difference is that the hard disk of the virtual machine is virtual in a file on the computer, not your real computer hard disk , So you can modify the setting of the virtual machine at will, which will not have any impact on your computer. One computer is used as two.

      Men dreaming virtual machine is installed with one click. It is really easy to use. It is super simple to install the virtual machine with one click. R N One -click installation VM7.13 XP system (experience version)

      one -click installation VM7.13 XP system (speed version)
      (Enterprise Edition)
      The installation VM7.13 Win7 system (32 -bit)
      one -click installation VM7.13 Win7 system (64 -bit)
      System (Speed ​​Edition)
      One -click installation VM9.01 2003 System (Enterprise Version)
      one -click installation VM9.01 Win7 system (32 -bit)
      one -click installation VM9.01 Win7 system (64 -bit)

      . What is the use of the machine?

      1. You can realize more games and hang up, such as Fantasy Westward Journey, Dungeon and Warriors, Ghost Legend, Fantasy Xianxian, and other various online games, chess and card games.
      2. It can achieve more software on -hook, such as YY, QQ and so on.
      3. You can use it to test various software, hang up various network earning software, brush the click -through rate software, and avoid the blocking of various programs to block the computer hard disk serial number and network card MAC address.
      4. For example, if you are an XP system, install a virtual machine, and then you can install any system in the virtual machine, such as Windows7, Vista, etc., you do n’t need to switch the system or use multiple machines to test the system.

      5. Not afraid of the middle virus, you are not afraid of doing anything in the virtual machine, poisoning has nothing to do with the host. (You can experiment with Trojan virus in the virtual machine),

      xp system virtual machine does not have no virtual machine no virtual machine. Turn on AGP literature acceleration, only 3D acceleration, high-end version win7 system, 1.2G-X.G dynamic video memory version. And open the AGP texture to accelerate the use of 4 -core 4G memory independent graphics cards. Especially for players of the Internet processor, it is quite smooth. " The 64 -bit system supports large memory and is more stable.

      The virtual machine is added to the anti -sealing program. If you play games, you will definitely not be kicked. If you are fully manual in the virtual machine, you will never be blocked. If you hang it in the machine, I will not say it.

      Our virtual machines are specially created for 2D, 3D games, 3D acceleration, the game is smooth, more open is that simple, the computer is configured, and there is no pressure on the computer! Support more CF, Fengshen, Fantasy Westward Journey, DNF, Adventure Island, return to Shenzhou, Da Tang Wushuang, QQ Speed, Legend Return, Swordsman World, Dream Three Kingdoms, League of Legends, Dragon Valley, Great Navigation era OL, Xuanyuan Legend, the Condor Heroes, R2, Ghost Girl Ghost, Wu Soul, Waiting for 2D 3D games, the effect is quite good, the more the host configuration is, the more you start !!

      Taobao search You can search for a dream virtual machine

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