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    Introduction to Red Heart Game World


    Sep 22, 2022
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    1. Qilu from ancient times
      The heroes of chess and cards
      The red heart game world is the first self -developed online chess and card leisure game platform launched by Shandong Dongying Hongxin Network Technology Co., Ltd.. At the same time, it provides users with the best entertainment and leisure and exchange platforms.
      2004, the development of the Red Heart Game World Platform is completed. Compared with other game platforms, its biggest feature is high -reusing architecture, strong platform expansion capabilities, and extremely fast game development speed. After the Hongxin Game World Platform was tried on the Dongying, after completing the various functional testing, pressure test and stability test of the platform, in May 2005, it entered the chess and card and casual game market and officially started market -oriented operation.
      This game world has established close cooperative relationships with Shandong Netcom, Zibo Netcom, Zibo Netcom, Qingdao Netcom, Dongying Netcom, Jinan Netcom, Tai'an Netcom, Weifang Netcom, Linyi Netcom, Binzhou Netcom, Texas Netcom, etc. He also organized the "Zibo Information Port" online chess and card contest and the 2006 "Qilu Evening News" Yingchun Cup Shandong Internet Chess and Card Spring Contest, achieved a complete success. With the continuous efforts of Dongying Hongxin Network Technology Co., Ltd. and Netcom companies in various places, the number of online people in the world of Hongxin Chess and Card has continued to rise. At present, the number of peak online people will soon exceed 10,000, and it still maintains a rapid growth momentum.
      The types of game types are mainly local chess and cards and leisure games popular in Shandong, and take into account the popular popular game. At present, there are five categories of online games (chess, cards, brands, puzzles, red beans, and cross -level). Each type contains several types of derivative games. Taking enough levels as an example: there are ordinary enough, holding up, holding up, holding up, holding up, holding up, holding up, custarding Three enough levels, tribute tribute three, 三 three (hanging flowers) and so on.

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