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    Eight hundred words of film reviews from the movie


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. Transfer from Douban netizen Movie.douban/Review/6658362/
      The first 30 minutes of "Return", with a family of three drama conflicts as small incisions, bring the audience back to that mysterious era.

      ——————— The first segmentation line, containing drama transparency —————————

      His father, a mother who stayed independently, and the daughter who grew up to the sun.
      This is a tragedy of human beings who had been predicted in "1984". The daughter reported her parents' secret meeting for the "GM career" to disintegrate a family of three and spiritual affection.

      ———————————— The end of the first round of spoilers ————————————

      in just 30 minutes, in just 30 minutes, in just 30 minutes, The skill of the film master is evident. Zhang Yimou did not describe all kinds of "terrible" as Feng Xiaogang in "1942", but concentrated the firepower in the family contradiction. Sorrow.
      It in a nation that believes in Confucianism, there is a kind of power that can survive the affection. This should be a person 100 years ago and 100 years ago.
      The three groups of contradictions broke out, attracting the first round of tears in the whole film. At this time I looked at the phone and 30 minutes after the opening.
      For these 30 minutes, two people had to mention.
      is Gong Li. These 30 minutes are almost her unicorn. She uses the acting skills of accurate back, fingers, chin, and cheeks. Only a few plays are brewing the emotions of the mountains and the sea, which is definitely a world -class performance.
      is Zhang Yimou. In just 30 minutes and a simple story, he confessed that 10 years of sorrow and anger. Delicate, forbearance, sophisticated, and accurate weightlifting.
      Ifikers, WG to China can become an independent movie type like World War II in World War II, then the first 30 minutes of "Return" is undoubtedly the originator of this type.

      The friends who have seen the original "Land Crime" said that the movie version deleted too many depictions of the WG era. Regarding this issue, I think it's a little bit angry. Aside from the film review system that our country still has, this is not a documentary that satisfies curiosity, but a movie that realizes love in the true sense.

      The first 30 minutes of the surge in the first 30 minutes, I thought the movie would enter the rhythm of the tears and waves -even if this was worth the fare. But I never expected that in the 80 minutes after "Return", Zhang Yimou no longer was strong.

      ———————————— The second segmentation line, containing drama transparency —————————

      WG ends, my father returned , Mother lost her memory due to illness, her daughter adults have humanity.
      In these 80 minutes, her daughter is no longer the core of family contradictions and transformed into a catalyst for parental relationships.
      If father loves mother, but mother loves the father, but the father does not remember the father. This love story is simplified and simplified, the serious version of "50 Times Love" the middle -aged version of "Love" the living version of "Human Ghost Love".
      This love her, she loves him. She doesn't remember him, he can't have her.
      waited for him to go to the station street on the 5th of each month. It was decades after one after another, and never thought about leaving him.
      Whum, he waited for her, waiting for the nearest place every day, trying to evoke her memory, and wait for her to recognize his day.


      Love movies, this should be a lengthy and difficult 80 minutes, no great joy, no joy, no affection.
      The trivial narrative, one round one after another, and the emotional tears almost turned around a few times, and they came to an abrupt end.
      The layer of layer to peel off the onions, but found that there is a non -harmless and tearful cabbage in his hand. Probably such a movie viewing feeling.
      But in retrospect, this is too gentle for 80 minutes. I never remember in any Chinese movie, like "Return", describing love in such a respect, worship, and even belief.
      The emphasis on "Chinese movies" is because in Chinese traditional culture, there is no more room for love.
      The country of filial piety, respect for power, power, blessing, and Kangshou, love is usually the object of compromise. We have not gained love for too long, solemnly, to praise love.
      For this view, I don't want to spend too much space to demonstrate, just give a example of my most moved examples in the movie:

      ————————————— the first The three segmentation line contains drama -

      . The mother after one -sided amnesia decided not to forgive her daughter and kicked her out of the house to see if the passersby.
      , in the eyes of many people, this is an inevitable ending. The so -called "tiger poison does not eat the son". The motherhood should be a woman's inherent virtue. No matter whoever loves, the daughter should be a daughter in the end. Moreover, the mother did not marry and was waiting for her father to return.
      It two levels to analyze the mother's decision.
      1, after one -sided amnesia, the mother does not have the ability to think rationally, that is, the social attributes are quite weak. Therefore, when dealing with the problem, extremely emotional. In her heart, the self -awareness of the identity of her wife far exceeds her perception of the identity of the mother. Therefore, when the two identities conflict, she decided to follow her as a "wife "Self.
      2, the mother did not have the responsibility of the "mother" deep in her heart, so based on the simple suggestions of her husband, she invited her daughter to live with it. It can be seen that her blame for her daughter stems from her not sure whether her husband can forgive her daughter's actions -in fact, she has forgiven for a long time -it can even be understood as "as a wife" The blame of "yourself.
      In this small clip, love has become higher than yourself, or even higher than children's first values. At least in my cognition, this is already the highest status of Chinese love.

      ————————————— The end of the third round of spoilers ————————————

      In 80 minutes Gong Li is limited by the role, and there are not many opportunities to show acting skills. At this time, Chen Daoming came forward, and there were more and more dramas. In the gradual plot, the layering of the performance was extremely accurate, especially after the play of the piano, it was like a living volcano preparing to explode at any time, and kept mentioning it all the time. The energy was supported to the last minute.
      Oh, by the way, let's mention a new conspiracy girl Zhang Huiwen. It looks pretty and dances well. It's not easy.
      Among the well -known dragon sets of the appearance, the most favorite is Ding Jiali's performance. After Rong Yue, it seems that who has never seen anyone who interprets the northern villain so expressive and likes a little praise.
      From the perspective of simple movie viewing experience, "Return" is also a very sophisticated age drama. The background music with a strong sense of the times runs through, and even the sound quality and volume of each song is carefully carved. Details such as clothing and props can also feel Zhang Yimou's deep nostalgia for that era.
      The nostalgia is not a few big close -ups for heroes or big white rabbit toffees like some movies, but to let porcelain cups, washbasins, alarm clocks, bicycles, radios, big characters, revolutionary slogans and other elements Lying quietly where they should be, they never deliberately disturb the camera.
      The nostalgic nostalgic nostalgia, on the contrary, makes people incorporate into the plot without being surprised to think of "Oh my family also has the same sheets as this model." To put it plainly, it is also a manifestation of the spirit of the old master.

      ————————— The fourth segmentation line, containing drama transparency ———————

      It is my favorite part.
      Actually when I saw the end of the end, I was very embarrassed. I don't know which ending I want to see.
      Either who did not survive the male and female protagonists, take a step first, and let this great love eventually end with a silent regret.
      Either, under the years of the heroine, the memory of the heroine was suddenly awakened, and they were all happy.
      But it seems that no matter how to end, it has a little taste.
      Finally, after a sudden "many years", the male and female protagonists turned into an old makeup that made me unable to spit, and ushered in the last shot.
      The morning in the morning of the 5th or the station.
      . She was still waiting, and he was still waiting.
      The open ending is not tragedy or comedy.
      It in front of love, talk about sadness and joy, too superficial.
      Whether it is sad and happy, it is love.

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