• Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022

    Can the C945 triode replace the S9018 triode?


    Sep 23, 2022
    2 thoughts on “Can the C945 triode replace the S9018 triode?”
    1. No, 9014 belongs to the low -frequency pipe, 9018 is a high -frequency pipe, and the high -frequency 9014 cannot replace 9018. 9018 is generally used for high -frequency signal amplification, such as game consoles' radio frequency output, TV high frequency head, intercom, TV antenna amplifier, wireless microphone and other signal transmission and receiving circuits. You can use 3DG56, 3DG80B, C1129, C1856, C787, C1215, etc. 9014 is generally used for ordinary signal amplification. You can use 3DG6, 3DG200 ~ 202, S9011, S1815, C945, etc. instead

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