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kids stickers

Why use kids stickers for walls?

Wall decals or stickers are a great alternative for traditional wallpapers or getting your wall painted. They save money, are removable, and are easy to apply. Kid’s stickers for your kid’s room come in tremendous collections of designs, colors and sizes. Wall decals are easy to apply, you just have to peel them off form their base and stick them with their glued side to the wall. You don’t need any professional help and can do this with your kid, partner or friend. It takes a few hours only and hence a very time saving option. Kid’s stickers for your kid’s room are a great idea as:

  1. Designs:

With the tons of cute cartoon designs, bright colors, themed designs etc available, make kid’s stickers a phenomenal option for your child. Your kid is going to love it, and be mesmerized by the colors and designs. Zoo theme, under the sea theme, Alphabets, world map etc. decal comes in a variety of designs. You don’t have to get them painted by professionals, and be done with the walls within a day or over the weekend.

  1. Money saving

Save money using kid stickers as painting the same designs will cost a lot of money, and additional overhead of labor costs, paint costs etc. And even if your kid doodles over it and they get worn out or stained, you can easily remove them and stick a new one, without any hassle.

  1. Replaceable

As the decals are easily removable, you can easily replace them after couple of years, and change it with the tastes and learning capabilities of your little one. You don’t have to be stuck with the same design for years as in the case of wallpapers and can replace it every year or two, as they cost less and are easy to apply. They don’t ruin the base paint of the wall and any doodle and stain can easily be covered.

  1. Learning option

Decals designs are a great for your kid’s education. The bright designs and colors also stimulate the brain and progress development and make your kid intelligent and creative.