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Wall decals for your bedroom

Wall decals or Wall stickers are designed cutouts with a glue end, which can be stuck on the wall to complete it and give a wall painting like look. It replaces the need of a wallpaper etc and look wonderful.  Wall decals for bedroom are a great option to get desired look and make the decor look soulful.  Some of the major advantages of using Wall decals for bedroom are:

Cheap and affordable

Wall decals are available in a large variety of colors, sizes, designs and are very affordable. You can buy them online on websites like eBay or etsy and could cost as low as $1. Wallpapers or wall paintings can burn a hole in your pocket, not to mention the additional labor costs. Hence, opting for Wall decals for bedroom is a great option.


Majority of the websites offer customization options for your wall decals.  You can get them in any design, quotes, names, etc. Sizing and color options can also be picked and allows you to have your favorite design to be on the wall.  Go creative and get them customized, which is a fabulous and popular option.


The best part about Wall decals are they can be replaced. If you get don’t like a design, or get bored of it after few years, you can just remove them easily and buy new ones for your wall. It doesn’t remove the paint and since they are very affordable, unlike the cost of wallpaper which you have to be stuck with for years, decals can be replaced every 1-2 years. Change the walls and room look every year and enjoy the experiments.


Unlike wallpaper and wall paints, you don’t need professional help for this. You can easily apply wallpaper with a friend or family member and any mistakes can be rectified by removing and reapplying.