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Unity Candle

Candle designs are creative and serve different purposes. The unity candle is the case that is intended for a demonstrate unity, loyalty and a kind of agreement between two people.

The structure of unity candle

The unity candle is a set of candle stands, particularly three candles in the stand. It is designed in such a way that the unity candle which is much bigger and referred to the pillar, stands in the middle between two smaller ones often called the tapered candles. This is a symbolic design for ceremonies such as weddings and other events. The bigger pillar candle is the unity candle and the focus among them all.

Unity candle stands

Candles are held to positions by the use of candle stands which are also designed to take different shapes and sizes. The candle holder is a type of arrangement that holds the three unity candles. There are various styles that adorn most designs depending on the event type and also cost. They can come in different metal finishes of gold silver and other precious metals. You might find those of triple hearts, laced stands and horse patterns in some of the designs.

The purpose of unity candles

A Unity candle serves various purposes as mentioned above. it is basically a cultural practice to show commitment. Different cultures and traditions have what the unity candles are used for. In marriages, the tradition holds that the bride and groom hold and lit a candle each. They then together lit the third pillar candle with theirs as a symbol of oneness in the union. This is often the typical tradition that is common and adopted by many. In some religious and spiritual circles, it can mean another thing entirely for some rituals.