Classic Black Iron Candle Sconce - Pair

Classic Black Iron Candle Sconce - Pair - The Designer Insider

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When you want to find a candle sconce for decorative purposes, it is vital to know the type of look that you intend to create. There are 3 major types of candle sconce available and some information about them will aid in your decision. The sconce types majorly include brass, wood and iron. There is, however, also the option of getting those that are made out of these 3 materials.


One of the major reasons why people opt for the brass candle sconce is the brilliant shiny appearance of the sconce as it is usually polished. This gives the room an almost magical and interesting quality as a result of the light they do reflect. You will however need to polish the brass candle sconce regularly so as to maintain the reflective nature of the brass. They are also very durable as they can last for generations.


Some of the first candle sconces were made from wood. Even though they are very lovely, useful and effective, there is the risk of fire hazards, as woods are inflammable. The fact that woods are inflammable does not mean you can completely build your house without using wood at all. Same applies here, only that you will need to be careful when using a wooden candle sconce. A wooden sconce gives your room an earthy accent.


Iron sconces are favorites for a lot of people as they give an aged look and can easily be cleaned. They give a blackened appearance due to their porous natures. It is also very rare to notice smudges or prints on iron sconces. They will, however, require regular cleaning if you stay in an area that is very dusty as well as if you have pets that usually shed fur.