VW No Free Rides Vinyl Sticker

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Vinyl Sticker

Wardrobes, though necessary are usually anything but striking to look at. Coming in boring colours like white, black or brown, they can turn out to be the damp squib in your otherwise delightfully designed room. They are essential and cannot be done away with, but oftentimes they need to be jazzed up.

When the wardrobe refuses to blend in and appear stylish, vinyl stickers are what you need. They can transform the dull wardrobe to a lively piece of furniture, thus completing the look of the room.

Here are some wardrobe vinyl sticker ideas.

Quotes-always interesting and catch the eye. You can choose to spice up your wardrobe by having a vinyl sticker quote, something like – “Life is too short to wear boring clothes”, or “You’re never fully dressed until you wear a smile”.

Chest of Drawers vinyl sticker – If you are the type that needs some order and would like to show it off, plaster on vinyl stickers that clearly show where what lies. Right from your tops, to underwear and your shoes.

Flowers – The eternal favourite. Any drab closet can look lovelier with a flowery vinyl sticker on it. Simple yet elegant, it can prove to be a treat to the eye.

Fashion – Suitable for especially the ladies, a fashion themed vinyl sticker can prove to give an idea of what’s inside the wardrobe! From stickers depicting dresses, to purses, and shoes, the vinyl sticker will show the outside to be as trendy as the inside on the closet.

Children Wardrobe vinyl stickers: The kids would like something more fun. The chronicles of Narnia could be an apt choice, so would be stickers themed around Harry Potter, Marvel or DC heroes, or even their favourite comic characters. Dressing up will no longer be a chore for the children!