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wall stickers for kids

What design to get of wall stickers for kids room?

Wall stickers are money saving, and time efficient option for your walls, unlike wallpapers and textures. Wall stickers for kids room is a great option as kids usually end up ruining the walls by doodling and spilling all over it. You wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money and end up having doodled wallpapers. Wall stickers or decals can be easily removed, and a new one can be applied on the walls in such cases. You can even cover up stains and drawings using decals over them. Wall stickers for kids come in a variety and large selection of designs. You can even get them customized to better suit your taste and requirements. Here are some cute ideas for decals:

  1. Under the ocean theme

Decals are available for the entire wall in a complete package. Under the ocean them is a cute and interesting options. It will make the room look extraordinary, lively and animated. Kids are going to love it, and would sit quite for hours watching it. It’s also a great option for them to learn about the ocean, fishes, whales, turtles and corals etc.

  1. Height chart

A height measurement decal is great to measure and watch your kid’s height and growth spurt. You don’t need to measure and mark on the walls anymore, or install a separate scale. Just use the wall sticker for kid’s height measurement.

  1. World map

Your kid is going to love the world map on the wall, with all the important cities and places marked. Animals of a particular area, and monuments and highlights of every country on it, will help your kid learn better, and easier. He/she is going to be a smart kid, as this will help him/her retain a lot of the details of the map in his memory.