White Vinyl Stickers Printed in Full Color on 4mil Adhesive Vinyl
white vinyl stickers with 3mil lamination circle outdoor

Vinyl stickers

Whatever you want creating fun in your home such as your kids’ bedroom or even simply want to change the apperance of dull space and add an amazing touch to your walls, vinyl stickers is the best choice to achieve your goal. You can do all of that with very low amount of money and without spending long period of time or even effort to complete your mission.

Vinyl stickers have many advantages which could be concluded as the following:


High quality which guarantee a long life time up to 10 years based on the material which the sticker was made of and also the manufacturing method and process.

Save Money

A very good way of saving money. This means that you can decorate your home without an extra burden on your budget.

Easy to Apply

It is simply to apply the vinyl stickers on your wall without any background. All you need is cleaning the wall surface with a sponge then peeling the protective cover of the sticker and sticking it on the wall. In addition, you have to use only one simple tool, a squeegee, to remove air bubbles which could affect negatively on the final result. Furthermore, it is applicable to remove it or even change its location without any making any damage for the paint.

Best chose for kid’s room

Vinyl stickers could be attached to any smooth clean surface such as glass, mirrors, walls and wood. As a result, it is considered as the best way to decorate you kids’ bedroom with various colourful designs which all kids prefer. For example, sports stickers and cartoon characters.

In conclusion, based on the wide range of varieties: you can choose your preferable design which would be suitable for the free space in your room amongst different designs, colours and sizes. This means that surly you will find the perfect sticker based on your requirements and needs.