Amaonm Removable Creative 3D Hot air Balloon Aircraft and Smile Clouds Wall  Decals Kids room Wall

Design Point Furniture: Amaonm Removable Creative 3D Hot air Balloon Aircraft

kids room wall decals

What are kids’ room wall decals?

 Decorating your child’s room is a very special and personal activity.  However, with children’s interests changing so rapidly, it can become an expensive affair to keep up with the varying preferences.  Therefore, using kids’ room wall decals is the best way to go, to be able to dynamically transform the room with every phase in their life. Wall decals being so easily removable and allow for specific personalization at every stage.

Ideas for kids’ room wall decals

Be it a boy or girl, for an infant, wall decals in bright colors and varying patters can be used to as visual stimulation to help in brain development. As kids grow older, kids room wall decals can be used to take the child on an imaginative journey, motivate them, subtly push them towards good habits or even encourage their idolization of a great role model, be it a sportsperson, a scientist or a great president. It can do so much but at the same time serve as a wonderful piece of art or as a decorative element in the room.


Wall stickers or decals are very simple to use. If needed, cut out the pieces incase you want them placed differently, peel of the backing paper and neatly apply them on a cleaned wall surface, smoothening each piece to ensure there are no air bubbles and then slowly peel off the paper on the front and going over the sticker with a soft cloth to make sure the edges are firmly attached to the wall. Peeling them off, when you are moving out is easier, and just requires you to grab an end and slowly peel it off to ensure you don’t damage the wall paint.