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Why custom wall decals?

Wall decals are a renters dream, but it can also add a lot of character to your home even if you are not renting. With the multitude of wall decals available online and in stores, you can personalize your space any which way you like. However, the option to customize it further is very appealing and opens up a plethora of options and becomes accessible even to the fussy decorator. Further custom wall decals find use even in offices and showrooms.

What can you do with custom wall decals?

Wall decals can be customized to meet your every specification thus making it the perfect addition for any space. Wall decals can be custom made to carry your brand name, an image of the car you are selling or even decorate your café or bakery walls with images of confectionery or baked goods. Custom wall decals can even be used in the house, for example – a wall decal can be customized with names of the kids for each of their rooms to make it even more personal.


Wall stickers or decals are very simple to use. If needed, cut out the pieces if you want them placed differently, peel of the backing paper and neatly apply them on a cleaned wall surface, smoothening each piece to ensure there are no air bubbles and then slowly peel off the paper on the front and going over the sticker with a soft cloth to make sure the edges are firmly attached to the wall. Peeling them off, when you are moving out is easier, and just requires you to grab an end and slowly peel it off to ensure you don’t damage the wall paint.