Eastland Tealight Candle Holder Frosted Set of 12

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Tea light candle holders

Tea light candle holders provide a nice decoration for the sitting room. If you are deciding to buy for you sitting or living room you can choose chic shimmer glass ball. It comes in a set of four. It is made of extremely durable mercury glass and the holder is 4.7” in diameter. The four pieces are made of multi-coloured glass.

Tea light candle holder made of mounted votive Maple leaf

These tea light candle holders are made of iron and are blue in colour. It is a set of three that can be mounted on the wall. You can pick up a holder that suits you req1uirements in style, design and appeal. There are stores that provide you with everything from furniture to home decorations. You can also choose some pieces that you can place around the fireplace to enhance the look of your sitting room.

Metal and Glass Tea light Candle Holders

The tea light candle holder is made of a metal base with glass tea light holders. The light spreads a nice glow around the place. It is ideal for decorating your fireplace as well as the patio. If you have children and pets it is best to use battery operated candles with LED lights which are safe. Some of these battery operated tea light candle holders provide the flicker like a normal wax candle but there is no problem of  candle burning and  starting a fire

Himalayan Tea light Candle Holders

Himalayan tea light candle holders are not only used for decorative purpose but are also good for health. They are known for improving the quality of air in the home. Smoke, computers, air-conditioning produce ionized air which is positive and bad for health. Himalayan tea light candle holder gives out ions carrying negative charge which improves the quality of air and ultimately our health.

Use tea light candle holders to enhance your sitting room and give it a decorative look