Square 16 inches wide Heavy Iron Candle Holders for 10

large candles

Use a Large Candles to last you much Longer

Candles come in different color, shapes and also in sizes. The designs of various candles on the market would depend largely for the purpose they are meant to serve and may as well be for choice of style. As you would find the small candles, so you would for large candles as well. The choice is in two ways.

Large candles burn much longer

Large candles for their size take much longer to burn completely. If you want that long lasting service in a candle, then the large candle type would be a good recommendation. Large candles can last as much as 120 hours or more depending on the manufacturer’s specification. The large candles are also in sizes for different occasions. For example, the pillar candles on the unity candle sets are not as large as some designs that would be used for some ritual ceremonies. The use of these types is large to go for days before being exhausted.

Large candles are often in jars

For most large candles on the market, it is common to find them in jars with some beautiful designs on the containers. Some are in bars or candle lots. To contain some of them in the stand, designs of stands are made to fit in some of the productions. A collection of large candle holders is available for large collections.

Large candles are often scented types of candles

Since burning in large candles is meant to take long, it makes sense to find these candles in sweet scents that would be soothing. This can be a natural scent of flavors such as fruits, honey or if artificial, vanilla, citrus and the likes are some cool fragrance that comes with much larger candles. If you want it to last and with good aroma, then go with very large candles.