10cm Silver Mirror Gem Candle Plate

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Candle plate

A round glass candle plate is a decorative piece that collects the wax that falls from the candle and keeps the place clean. It can hold pillar candles upto to a diameter of 9cms. It is very convenient for pillar candles. Using candle plate protects furniture from heat and wax.

A Glass Candle Base

You can get different styles and shapes of glass candle bases, some of them are 7.75” in diameter. Depending on the size you can hold three candles in the plate. It is elegant and safe to hold candles so that all wax is collected. The plate has feet on the underside which keeps it raised so that furniture is not affected by the heat. This candle plate is decorative and prevents wax falling and dirtying the furniture.

Brown Metal Candle Plate

The brown metal candle plate is 5” long and5” wide and is   ideal to be used with the centrepiece to prevent wax from dirtying the furniture. Any 3 or 4 pillar candle can complement this plate. It is perfect to match any décor. It is a good pillar candle base for collecting all the wax. You can place three or four battery operated candles in the plate enhancing the setting and providing a nice ambiance.

Candle Plate to enhance the Mantel Piece

The plate comes in different coloured glass and is ideal for decorating the mantel piece when you are entertaining. If you use wax candles then the plate will collect the wax and keep the place clean.  You can use battery operated candles which can enhance the living room providing a nice environment. Since the candle plate is quite broad a vase can be placed along with battery operated candles. When preparing a candlelit dinner placing candle plate will help in keeping the place spic and span.

If you like, it would be very convenient to use candle plate when using wax candle to prevent wax falling all over the place.