Unique Eternity Oil Unity Candle set with 15 Design Options! Click to  enlarge

Unique Eternity Oil Unity Candle set with 15 Design Options

Unity candles

A very recent addition to the wedding ceremony is the lighting of unity candles which symbolizes the joining together of two individuals and two families. It is a reflective moment when everybody is silent and the music comes on and the mother of the bride goes to light the candle.

How does Unity Candle Work?

Unity Candle is lit to signify lasting unity. Sometimes it is lit by the mother of the bride to show  the union of her family  with the boy’s family. Different wedding ceremonies follow different styles. In some cases the parents of the bride and the groom light the candle signifying a union of two families. It also goes to show that they will be starting a family of their own. Very often it is the mothers’ of the couple that light the family candles and take it to the couple, so they can take the candles from them to light the unity  candle that is placed in the centre.

The Lighting of the Unity Candles

Many of the times they choose different colour for the different candles representing the two families uniting and the one for the couple which is a fatter one which is placed in the centre. If bride and the groom have children of their own then they can join the couple with taper candles to light the unity candle. This is a very nice way of introducing children to the function and making them feel special and important.

What is Wedding Tradition and Celebration all about?

Every wedding is unique with something different from the previous one   you have attended. There will be the exchange of vows that are held in church which is followed by the cutting of the cake and the first dance. Sometimes a family friend raises the toast to the couple and as he comes forward to raise the toast four glasses of champagne come down from the centre piece that is hanging in the centre of the hall. Then he starts the toast and shares with the crowd something unique in the life of the couple that brought the two together.

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