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Types of Wall Sconces for Candles

Wall sconces for candles are the most gorgeous décor item if you want to enhance the look of your living room or bed room. It has been very popular nowadays in every part of the world. It can be used in many ways, if you want to enlighten look of your living room or you want to show off the artwork to your any picture which is mounted on the wall.

There are different types of wall sconces for candles are available which we have mentioned the most common types of wall sconces as below.

Flush Mounted Wall Washers / Half Moon:

Flush mounted is also called half moon is the most common type of wall sconces for candles. This comes typically compact, small and tight fitting to the wall. It gives the illusions that your whole wall is covered by light or we can say it in other word that it washes with the light itself.


Wallchieres uses more in decorative option as it sets apart from other all wall sconces. Wallchieres typically comes in slim and tall. Usually it used for indoor décor and comes in many style and finishes.

Lantern Wall Sconce:

This style come in a lantern and candle can be placed inside. It specially designed to add a unique touch of traditional feel to your home. It is one of the most popular choices in outdoor lighting. It is also used in the entryway so that one can get out and in safely, it is very easy to install. It help to show off of the impression for the guest who are coming to your home for the first time.

So, there are various types of wall sconces for candles are available in the market with different styles, sizes and shapes, you may find it near your super store or home décor showrooms, you may also buy from the online stores where you may see the wide varieties of wall sconces for candles.