Picture Frame Tree Wall Decal

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Tree Decals

If you want to add life to your otherwise boring and mundane interior, tree decals are the best possible way to deviate from a plain background to a more stylish and sleek place. Decals in general are more user friendly to someone who often changes his or her mind on a design he or she wants. Decals are transferrable compared to stickers that leave behind patches on the walls when removed.

Generally, tree decals are making its way in the markets now as humans do not cease to discover and create more beautiful ideas. Tree decals can be placed in a lot of different spots at home and here are some of the ideas that I have come across.

Living Room

You may want to paste a tree decal on your living room behind your sofa. In the branches part, you can experiment by putting some picture frames of family members thereby creating some sort of a family tree. You may also opt to place the family tree in your staircase wall.

Nursery Room

Your baby may love the sight of trees. You can stick some tree decals on your nursery room and decorate its branches and twigs with some flowers or leaves and place books and picture frames of your baby.

Empty Bedroom

Tree is life, just as life can be correlated to a tree’s life. Trees can give you a sense of continuity and a renewed strength to a rather monotonous and uninteresting stage of your life. Tree decals can be an impressive work of art when placed in a dark and empty room. It can be an aid in coping up with the trials of the day. You may prefer to set up a theme like a winter tree or a tree with full leaves. You may also place it just right behind your bed and feel as if you are in the wilderness.

There are tons of ways to make and use this fascinating work of art. It is after all, you choice, on what design and where to put these decals. Style your way through and make life more interesting and meaningful.