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Using Black Candles Around Your Home 1

Black Candles



The invention of candles no doubt has its use in many circles. Candles are held at high importance in some spiritual values by some cultures or faithfuls for rites and rituals. It is believed that lights which candles provide have some creative and healing powers as creation started with light. Colors are also seen to travel at frequencies which impact in our psyche, hence having an influence on man’s life.

Candles and colors

Colors are effects that we have on objects as we see them with the aid of light directed from them. Candles are designed in colors of various forms knowing that every color is unique in its own property and spiritual importance. If you are going to buy a candle, you should be well informed on the occasion and the type of candle that would be required if needed. For the wedding event, white is often used and this is purely connected with the unity proceedings that are involved in a wedding ceremony. Some colors have an association with a good while some other ones are connected with evil for reasons which may just as well be a myth.

The black color and what it means

Now, let’s talk about the black color. Yes to many circles this is evil. Well, there is no proof to any assertions about this. But I know that black is universal and many people are comfortable and wear it better when it is black. Black in some sense is a beauty! Black candles are believed to fight negative forces contrary to the various beliefs on black. Burning black candles is believed to give protection and stand against illnesses.

Well, when buying a candle for use, it all depends on what you intend either spiritual or otherwise. Any color can mean anything to anybody.