28 inch tall, 4 inch wide Cylinder Glass Vase

tall glass vase

Glass vase has a unique appeal. They are very beautiful. The glass makes the vase look very nice. These vases are delicate. Their shine gives them a wonderful feel. Hence, these vases are used in many places. You must have seen beautiful vases in this category. Their stunning shapes make them very desirable.

Placing A Glass Vase

Although beautiful, these glass vases can be difficult to handle. They are delicate and brittle since they are made of glass. Due to this reason, you should take special care of these vases. You will love to have glass vase set up in a place that is at a certain height. This will make it easy to notice, but away from any kind of disturbance. You can take full advantage of the beauty of such a vase. People will love to see this vase from a distance. Since the vase is of glass, you can experiment with various lights. These lights should fall on the surface of the vase. This will give it a nice feel. The light will be reflected from the glass vase.

Glass Vase Varieties

There are many types of glass vases. They differ on the basis of the shape and size. The type of glass used also makes a lot of difference. You will love to have a good quality glass vase in your house. You can also place it in posh places like hotels. These glass vases will make the room look very pretty. You should choose the glass vases depending on the space you have for it.