Quilts – tips for choosing the perfect one

Blankets are blankets that are used in the winter to give the body warmth while you sleep. It is always wise to invest in a good quality quilt. There are varieties of duvets available in the market. Depending on the desired heat, you can choose duvets based on material, weight and other factors.

Microfiber cloth: They are synthetic fibers that are soft and smooth and give the same feeling as a duck or goose. Microfibers are very light and have good thermal properties for absorbing heat. They can be used during all months of the year. Microfiber blankets are easy to wash and are available at cheap prices.

• Wool blankets: Wool is a natural fiber and a natural insulator. It can be used both summer and winter. They can be used for a comfortable and cozy sleep during the winters as it provides the warmth required. Wool blankets are expensive but last a long time.

• Down and feather fabric: These duvets are very light. It is a natural product and can last for many years. It provides excellent comfort and warmth during the winters. They are easy to wash and maintain.

• Cotton quilt: The cotton quilt is perfect for all seasons. They are also ideal for people suffering from allergies. Cotton tends to insulate the body while you sleep and prevents sweating.

 Size

 King single

 Double

 Queen

 Kung

 Blankets should not be too heavy. It should be standard compared to other duvets.