Eastland Cylinder Pillar Candle Vase Set of 3 | Quick Candles

Pillar candle holder

There is a wide range of pillar candle holders of wood metal and glass. Each has a beauty of its own. You can create your own style by choosing the pillar candle holder of your choice. There is a wide variety from distressed metal to colourful glass and attractive scones. Add a special touch to your home décor with tea lights and votive holders.

White Metal Zahra Lantern for pillar candle holder

Take a white metal Zahra lantern and place a candle in it and see the beautiful light glowing all around. It is perfect pillar candle holder. This lantern is perfect even to collect the wax and leave the place clean. It is ideal to be kept on the mantel piece or the patio. Instead of using wax candles you can also use battery operated LED candle flames that are safe and do not create any mess. They too provide the same glow and leave beautiful pattern.

Flameless LED Candle Set of 4 Pieces with timer

You can experience the wonderful glow that LED lights can throw over the area. LED technology I used in the making of the candles which lets them flicker and wane just like normal candles. They are perfect to be kept over the fireplace. They are made from real was and cannot be distinguished from normal candles. They are very safe to be used anywhere and at any time. They can come on and go off at the time of your choosing since they have a timer.

Golden Octopus Pillar Candle Holder

This Pillar candle holder is well polished to gives it a golden look. This can be used with a wax candle or a LED candle with a timer. You can add it to your patio with timer will help it to  come on  at the scheduled  time to help you to relax in style.

If you want to install pillar candle holder choose one with LED technology which provides all the functions and requires little maintenance.