B13 Owl Wall Decal Personalized Name Vinyl Birds Flower Wall Sticker Art  Mural Vinyls Wall Stickers

B13 Owl Wall Decal Personalized Name Vinyl Birds Flower Wall Sticker

owl wall stickers

Owls are hawk-like, large birds with big eyes and are generally very scary. They are very nocturnal and prefer being alone. However, owls in wall stickers can be depicted in very cute ways. Adorable features, big eyes and bright colors are what make owl wall stickers preferable and popular. Animated owls look incredibly docile and sweet. With the tons of varieties available online and in stores, you can easily find owl wall stickers in preferred designs and colors. Some cute owl wall sticker designs are:

Family members:

The number of members in a family can be depicted using the same number of owls in same sizes and cute colors and expressions representing a particular member. This will be a very cute decal and will look good in the dining area, where the family sits together. You can also add names under the owls signifying that particular member. For example, for a member who is always angry or has short temper, you can use red colored owl with serious eyes.

Cute pink owl on branch

A cute pink owl with a calm face and closed eyes or side facing eyes, and sitting on a branch, adds a lot of life in the room. It looks incredibly endearing and attracts attention. A soft colored wall in the backdrop looks perfect and will make the owl wall sticker pop.

Moon and owl

Owls are night birds, they sleep all day and are wide awake and hunt at night. Hence a crescent moon, stars and an owl looks very smart. Make them glow in the dark, and they will signify night time and look nice and bright when the lights are off. This in the kid’s room or nursery will look delightful and very appealing.