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During lighting options selection for your home, you will find that there are various choices to select from. The most versatile and popular type of light fixtures for homes is the electric light fixtures. Having a candle light fixture, however, comes with its own appeal and charm. As opposed to candle displays on table top or mantel, candle stand is the right way for using candles in your home. Here are some tips for decoration if you intend to use your candle stand to make a unique mood in your room.

Selecting a candle stand

When selecting a candle stand, there are a lot of options that you can pick from. There are many styles, made from many materials that are available in different colors. The mood you intend to create will go a long way in selecting the type of candle stand you should go for. You might want to pick a red candle stand for a warm look, even though the light from the candle will also do that, when it is lit. You can however achieve a cool look with a blue color candle stand. You might also want to go for a Victorian styled candle stand if you want to give your room an antique mood.

Mood setting

The candle has the reputation for setting romantic moods in a room. This is why they are mostly placed in the dining room or master bedroom. Having a candle on the two bed sides will go a long way in creating a romantic mood for the couple sleeping on the bed.


It is important to pay much attention to safety when you are using candles. This is especially if you have pets or children in the house that can easily tumble the stand or candle. Do not leave your candle stands unattended, especially when they are on.