modern bathroom wall decorations

Bathroom is a place where a person begins his day; probably to clean the teeth or empty the intestines or bathe. What’s better than taking a hot shower with tiles decorated with dolphins or grooming your mustache with a poster titled “No Shave November”. All these ideas are practical when someone wants to know more about bathroom decorations and explore all the possibilities he can take advantage of.

Most people today design the walls in their bathrooms based on some theme like “Classic Art Deco” style, “The Effulgent Seas”, “The Serene Nature” etc. These ideas look more beautiful than they sound.

The first thing to do when designing your bathroom is to have floor tiles, which can either be shiny porcelain or the long-lasting glazed. The walls come next. One of the most sought after and famous themes is “Natural Beauty” or “Plant Life”. It is a psychological fact that people love mother nature. The inspiration from flora will fill the bathroom with serenity. Imagine a painting of a waterfall next to your shower, making you swim more and more. Not only the painting idea of ​​indoor plants is not bad at all. Some people may hesitate at first, but the thought itself not only soothes your eyes but the scents of flowers and the cascading vines will make your experience fascinating.

Other bathroom trends that people like include geometric tiles, wood and glass tiles. But a trend that is becoming popular is the one where you can see the reflection in your home. These are designed in a way that gives you a feeling of sitting in a living room in disguise.

Decorating your bathroom wall with additions such as paintings, posters and wall hangings is like having your walls talk to you. People like paintings of the most beautiful beaches like Miami, Aquatic Life or just Scuba. Posters like “Get Naked”, “Wake Up and Makeup”, “Relax Soak Unwind”, “You are the bubbles” and the best – “Do Epic Shit”. Waking up and reading your favorite quotes like “Stay hungry, stay stupid” would always remind you of your dreams and ambitions in life.

In hotels, the hotel management prefers to give its guests the most subtle and elegant aesthetics. The gray tones in cahoots with chrome taps and shower look all the more sophisticated to satisfy elite class.

If you are looking up to your bathroom for a review, you have just read some really cool ideas that you can help yourself with.