DIY Unity Candle $6.00 Candles and holders from Dollar Tree. Hot glue a  candlestick holder

DIY Unity Candle $6.00 Candles and holders from Dollar Tree. Hot

Unity Candle Holder

Candles on their own cannot be used efficiently without the candle stands or holders. Candle holders in their own way add a beauty to candle lightings either for use at home or in ceremonial events. They are beautifully crafted designs that come in varieties of styles and finish.

The unity candle situation and what it means

The use of the word unity in candles was born to express oneness basically between two people. This is clearly shown in a wedding scenario. The unity candle comprises three candles- two smaller or taper types, each standing for the bride and the groom. The third, which is the pillar type and often bigger is the unity candle which the duo of the bride and groom lit together as a symbol of unity.

The unity candle holder styles

A Unity candle holder is a set that holds three candles as described above. Though, with a characteristic size difference in the three, two candles are placed such that the unity candle is in between the bride and the groom’s candle. For the styles available in the market, the type of event to be graced can influence the styles to be bought. For the various ones around, you’ll often find candelabra style, tri- unity candle holder, three piece candle holders and heart to heart design candle holders.

Colors and materials can be styles of their own

In the various designs, styles can be varied according to the material of design as well as the color type. In this category, it is possible to find silver or nickel plated candle holder and other products such as gold and wood in the mix for the various designs on the market. Colors can vary in red, black, green and other bright colors.