4x6 Purple Pillar Candle

Purple Candles

Colored Candles

The color variants in candle are mostly for a function and style. To some, it is the spiritual tone that is considered while to some others, it is a mere style of choice in the use of candle colors. Colors definitely have their individual meanings that are associated with them. However, some colors are connected with some myths that is being passed around but may not have that evil that it is purportedly believed to carry.

Designs of candles with colors

Candles are made normally in the colors of the material extract that is used. But for the fact that this does not have that attraction, candles are made to have a beautiful appeal with the use of color additives to bring out the attraction and beauty in the wax. Also due to individual’s different styles, they are made to meet the demand in the different color forms. So getting a candle color of your choice in any color of your style is much a reality just like purple candles.

Some insights into the purple color

Naturally, purple is an adorable color. It is often seen as a color that would catch a glare when adorned on clothes and wares. In the esoteric realm also, the purple color is believed to give spiritual strength, peace, wisdom, and awareness. It is believed that the color has the powers to fight and cancel bad or negative karma. It also helps in meditation and divination and carries with it the potential of knowledge.

In the various application of the purple color of candles, it is often associated with good and a gift in purple candles means something positive likewise. You can get great designs and styles for your different use on the market either as large or the smaller sized designs.