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Stickers design

Designing a sticker can be simple but has a lot to do with many patterns. This is because stickers can be made to have different looks and to follow a particular taste of the customer. When designing a sticker, here are some things that would help you on what to design, for whom and what to include in it.

Who will the design be made for?

For that stickers design that would just be right, the category of the person whom the sticker will be used will make some difference on how to go about your design. For instance, what you are going to have for a kid’s design would be very different from that of an adult room design.

Where are you going to stick your design?

Stickers are used everywhere. They are used on bags, on the car, on walls at home and even our laptops can go with a sticker. Knowing where your sticker would g, will go a long way to determine how large or small your sticker would be. I’m sure you won’t get a large sticker as big as the wall size in your room to be placed on your car.

What choices of color, size, and elements would be suitable?

Most times stickers design come with a single background color with adorable patterns. But this does not mean it can’t be something more colorful like that of the kids’ designs. This boils down once again to whom the design is meant. Though creativity would add a lot of things to your design, you still need to consider the atmosphere where you are going to have your design placed.

Girls’ room would be good for butterflies, boys’ rooms can have the fancy of heroes and cartoon figures and familiar characters. A kitchen is often a place where quotes are more prominent.