Kids Art Room Ideas

Kids Art Room Ideas - The Organized Mama

Kids Wall Décor Ideas

Wall Decals as kids wall décor

Wall decals are a great way to add color, add to a theme, add a decorative element, add an element of inspiration, and add character to an otherwise dull and bare room. Wall decals are easily removable and can be changed as often as you like to completely transform a room, as often as you like! You can use wall decals as a learning tool, to teach your infant, the alphabet, colors, etc. or it can be used to encourage your kid to take up a sport or even motivate your teenager to be a better person. It can be personalized to be exactly what you want, and the best part is they are relatively inexpensive kids wall decor.

Can Organizers be kids wall décor?

Knife magnets as matchbox car holders, painted coat pegs to not just hold up toys but also add whimsy, embellished book stands to be more than just book stands, etc. Use your imagination and you might just broaden your child’s as well!

What about a blank canvas?

Another underrated idea, is to use washable paint on atleast one wall in your kids’ room and leave a box of colors near the wall, and let them go crazy. If that idea doesn’t appeal to you, you can even get a large roll of paper, that can be pulled and torn off just like a toilet roll can, and mount that on your wall so that the artwork of the next Picasso is limited to the confines of that paper, but at the same time there’s always exactly what your child wants, on his or her wall.

There are tons of other kids wall décor ideas, like using wallpapers, framed canvas, etc., it’s about finding what works for you.