Eastland Chunky Tealight Candle Holder Blue Set of 12

Eastland Chunky Tealight Holder Blue Set of 12 | Quick Candles

tealight Candle Holders

Tealights candle holders are widely available in metal or plastic made base which holds the candle. However, it comes in many other types like Ceramic, Glass, Mirrored, Mosaic, Metal etc. It comes in different shapes. Specially, use of such holders to hold and candles and it designed to enhance the beauty of candles when it lit.

Types of Tea Light Candle Holders:

There are many different types of Tealight Candle Holders are available in the market and online portals.

  • Ceramic Holders-This is the most common in the market and easily available, it can be painted easily with different colors and style and it can be pierced to create specially effect of light.
  • Glass Holder – This type of holder comes in plain glass, mirrored or colored. This holder gives a unique effect when it’s lit, light of candle can be seen through mirror.
  • Mirrored Holders – Mirrored tea light holders specially designed to enhance the minimal light, when candle lit; its light reflects to mirror and spreads more cool lights in the small room or in restaurants. It creates pleasant atmosphere.

Apart from these there are many other types of Tea Light Candle Holders available, some holders have some designer print so when candle lit, different colored image can be seen on the wall or floor.


You may find Tealight Candle Holders are available in many home décor stores, super markets. However, in recent times, holders are available on many market places as well with different shapes and sizes. There are various different varieties you may buy from online store. It is widely sold specially in many places especially in festive seasons.


Tealight Candle Holders are available in different types; you may buy it according to your style and need. It is available in many home décor shops and you may also get the different various varieties on online website portal. It is widely available in most of the store in the festive seasons.