beautiful centrepiece decoration using floating candles DIY super
beautiful centrepiece decoration using floating candles DIY super cheap

Floating candles

Why to use floating candles

There are certain events that come into your life, which means a lot to you and that’s why you want to make those events special by creating a magical and special setting and atmosphere.  In order to create a  sense of elegance and mystery candles are the best objects. If you use bulk of floating candles, it will give you an animated glow which has the ability to make your celebrations to lighten up. There  are different designs which can be completely match different settings. For example, if bulk of white candles are set in a round shape and let them float in the air it can give you very simple and classic look. That can be very handy in any gathering. Or there is another design in which you can place bulk of candles in a round glass. This glass can be of various colors that can hang over the room. This glass bowl is anot very much deep, but is shallow and can transform the room completely.

Where to use floating candles

This kind of a design can be very useful when you are trying to set up a theme for your events. Such as in weddings when you are arranging a flower theme you can float these candles with different flowers integrated with it. If you are more of a romantic person and love to spend more time with your loved one. You can use floating candles in pools, ponds and hot tubs. So that a more sparkle and romance can be displayed to your lover.

What to know when purchasing

When purchasing these candles you should not have to panic. As these are very easy to purchase and you don’t need to do much of an intensive research. They are present in hundreds of colors and can easily fit with your design and theme. When buying consider which scent do you want your candles to be. As they come in many different scents. You should be very clear about the space and how much of these candles would be sufficient. The other thing that you should watch is that do you want to buy single pieces or candle sets.