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Koala Bear Wall Decal Perfect Baby Bear Cartoon astounding Wall

perfect girls wall stickers

Wall stickers or decals are a great alternative to wallpapers and wall painting. They are similar to normal stickers, but come in big sizes, and perfectly hold up on the wall. Instead of getting expensive wallpapers made or paintings done in various designs, just paint the wall a neutral color in coordination with the wall sticker, and stick it to the wall. It instantly brightens up the wall and best part if you mess up or don’t like it, it can easily be removed.  Finding the perfect girls wall stickers is incredibly fun as there are tons of options available, you can easily choose what you want and even get them customized.  Here are a few fun ideas:


A crown shaped girl wall sticker over the headboard of the bed is guaranteed to make your little one feel special and princess like. Get her one in her favorite color, and instantly brighten up the room and your emotions are going to be felt. Your little girl is going to feel special everyday when she wakes up.


You can get your girls name customized in any color and any design. Customizations do cost extra, little more than normal decals, but are less than wallpapers etc. They are totally worth it, as it feels personalized. Get them customized in her favorite color and some designs on the side, and you can either stick them in the center of the wall like a stand out decal or in combination with another decal. This is one of the most popular options for girls wall stickers.

Trees with falling flowers

Imagine an entire wall of trees and falling flowers, like spring time in the room, looks incredible. The room looks very lively, fun and bright. Different colored flowers and lush green trees against a cream or light color wall will look phenomenal.  Although the installation or stickers are going to be difficult to stick, and is going to take long, they are totally worth it and make for great background of pictures of your little one. This is one of the most perfect girls wall stickers, to be loved by everyone.