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Are you having a baby soon? Looking to decorate the nursery?  When you are expecting, a lot of things change and the changes requires a lot of budget planning as well.  As a new mom loads of maternity wear, clothing, toys etc are required, hence while decorating the nursery, you can save some money by opting for nursery stickers for the wall instead of wallpapers or wall textures. Give the room an animated kid like feel by using cheerful nursery stickers. You can make it into a theme and combine the stickers or use one standalone piece. Here are a few of the most interesting designs for the nursery:

Zoo theme

Add the decals of animals, trees, plants etc and make it look like a zoo or forest theme. Add the king of the jungle i.e. the lion and the other animals.  This will help your kid to learn about the animal kingdom easily and the colors and the bright helps stimulating the brain and helps in bringing up the child in a creative outlook.  Studies have shown that bright environment makes the kid intelligent and a fast learner.


If you have decided a name of the baby, get it customized as a wall decal.  Will look gorgeous and it is something that the kid will admire over the years as well. Get it in a design which will be cool even after your kid has grown up.

Barbie theme

Barbie theme for the girls gives a very princess like look and is a fairytale in the room. The sparkles and little dolls are going to be loved by your little doll.


Want your child to be a scholar? Put up alphabets nursery stickers in fun designs and help your kids learn alphabets faster, easier and in a jolly way.