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nursery wall stickers

Wall stickers make decorating the room very easy, cost efficient, and available in many designs and colors which might be difficult to achieve with traditional wallpapers. Nursery wall stickers are even better, as they make the nursery very cheerful and lively. Having a bright background in a kid’s room looks magnificent and is beneficial for the growing child. It also serves as photography backgrounds if you are planning a photo shoot of you newborn by a professional photographer. The child growing in bright colors and designs makes the brain development faster and the kid, very creative. Here are some nursery wall sticker designs for your kid’s nursery:

  1. Cute quote

A cute quote on the wall over the crib or cot for the new born looks very elegant and chic. A quote like: “We wished upon a shooting star and twinkle twinkle here you are.” or “As soon as we laid our eyes on you, you snuggled right into our hearts.” Not only makes for great pictures but also makes the kid, feel loved and cherished when they grow up. It is guaranteed to be admired by guests who come to see the new comer. It is love depicted in the perfect form.

  1. Hot air balloons

Having a bright sky, sun and hot air balloons on the wall, make the room very bright and cheerful. A summer sky in the room all year round and the kid will love it over the years as well. They will never get bored of this nursery wall sticker. The hot air balloons can be in various rainbow colors to brighten it up even more. The advantage of this design is you can make a plain boring colored walls appear stunning and phenomenal.

  1. Unicorns

Unicorns are very endearing and fairytale like. A bold wall like maroon, or navy blue and white and pink unicorns all over, or one large unicorn with trees, will look strikingly beautiful. The child will grow up in a fairytale like environment and would love it.