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Nursery wall decal baby girl and name by Cuma wall decals on Zibbet

name wall decals

Wall decals are a very interesting alternative to the traditional wallpapers and wall textures and can add a soul and personal to your room. Name wall decals are the most popular form of decal. You get a name personalized in various design and make the room appear classy, modern and chic. Here are few ideas of making name wall decals interesting:


Instead of getting the whole name, you can just get initials of your name or initials of your name and your partners name combined. A subtle combination of two alphabets in a bold color and add on designs on the side would look beautiful. Put these up on the entrance, corridor or even door of your house. It looks super cute and chic. Just mind the colors and make sure you decide the location of the decal and the colors and design accordingly.

Family name/surname

Family names or surnames are an interesting name wall decals idea. They bind the family and it looks great on the corridors and corners of the home. Like ‘the Gellers’, or the ‘Bings’ etc looks great.

Kids name

Having your baby’s name on the wall will make your child feel special and belonging. After years when they move out, they would love coming home to this, and feel appreciated and loved.

Celebrity name

A celebrity’s name decal on the wall is similar to getting their poster but looks classier. If any celebrity motivates you, or you just have an undying love for them, having their name wall decal is going to make you happy to wake up to. Your passion and love is going to spark up every time you look at it. Whether you want a shredded body and look up to Arnold Schwarzenegger, or want to pursue acting and look up to Brad Pitt, this is going to serve as a source of motivation every day.