Pink Peony Decal Set – Pink Peonies Floral Wall Stickers

Flower Wall Stickers

What are flower wall stickers?

Wall stickers can be a renters dream. With all the restrictions a land owner imposes on the property, a renter never gets to personalize the space they live in. Wall stickers are removable and changeable and can bring life into the room.

 How to use flower wall stickers?

Any large empty wall space can be accented or brightened with a flower wall stickers. It can be used to fill an empty space, breathe life into the room, add color to a drab living area and really transform the home. It can be used in a quiet corner or even big and bold to be the central focus in the room. Depending on the kind of flower wall sticker you get, you could use it in a creeper like fashion and allow it to do its magic on two walls. Another great idea would be to use a sticker and then also have a natural flower or flower arrangement similar to the sticker to really liven the room.


Wall stickers or decals are very simple to use. If needed, cut out the pieces if you want them placed differently, peel of the backing paper and neatly apply them on a cleaned wall surface, smoothening each piece to ensure there are no air bubbles and then slowly peel off the paper on the front and going over the sticker with a soft cloth to make sure the edges are firmly attached to the wall. Peeling them off, when you are moving out is easier, and just requires you to grab an end and slowly peel it off to ensure you don’t damage the wall paint.

Flower wall stickers are thus a great addition to your home.