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Custom wall stickers

Why Custom wall stickers

Recently, custom wall stickers become one of the famous and preferable wall decoration for many people which could be used in homes, private clinics and even schools. In addition, this popularity of this type based on the its several designs for different purposes, colours and affordable prices.

How to apply custom wall stickers?

It is very easy and fast to apply wall stickers by yourself. It does not need any professional team or even especial tools to perform this task. You need only your preferable wall sticker and a squeegee.

  1. Select the space that you want to apply the wall sticker on it. For example, an old place to get a fresh look. Taking into consideration, the measures of the area and the suitable colours to match with the whole decor of your room.
  2. Cleaning the working surface by removing any kind of dirt to adhere the sticker properly on the wall. You could use a damp sponge to perform this step. In some cases you have to use soap to clean the surface. After finishing, be sure that the surface is dry before adhere your sticker.
  3. Double check the adjustment of the sticker to be sure of its final looking would be as you imagined before.
  4. Use a ruler and a pencil to make markers for the initial place of the wall sticker. These guidelines will help you while applying the final design.
  5. Place the sticker on the wall based on the guidance of the previous markers and start to remove the cover that protect the adhesive side of the sticker. Do not be hurry and assure proper accuracy.
  6. Finishing the task by using a squeegee to remove air bubbles and make the overall surface smooth because leaving air bubbles would affect negatively on the final appearance.