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Wedding Candles


Candles are significant in some event on what they represent. Lighting can mean something positive and so is the use of candles for wedding engagements. In wedding ceremonies, candles are arranged in patterns that symbolize the bliss of the period or can be likened to a tool for vows and declaration of commitment.

Unity candle defines a wedding candle style

In wedding ceremonies, wedding candles like the unity candle is significant to the union between the bride and the groom. The candle arrangement is a set of three candles with the larger one in between the smaller two at opposite sides. The middle larger candle is the unity candle that unites the bride and groom. The lighting of the unity candle by the both of the bride and groom is believed to put that seal of commitment and faithfulness in the marriage.

Candle color is relevant in a wedding ceremony

Colors in the candle are much relevant in a marriage occasion as candles come in a wide range of colors which may mean many things to many people. The wedding atmosphere is a peaceful one and as such, candles used in the occasion are often white, symbolizing peace, truth, and purity which marriage rites stand for. So, as the wedding gown is a peaceful white, so is the white candle a reasonable idea for wedding ceremonies.

Candle stand is important part of wedding candle

Wedding candles are actually given the decorative look and beauty on the wedding ground by the stand which holds the various candles. There are huge collections of the various designs of the wedding candles and their stands. There are stands designed in love or heart shapes to go with love. Others have precious metal finishes of gold, silver, and the likes.