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white pillar candles

Get White pillar candles for your Bedroom

Pillar candles are available in a variety of colours such as ivory, white and vanilla. They are also available in different sizes such as 3, 3 ½, 4 ½, 6 and 9 inches. If you buy them on the web wholesale you can get for some of the lowest prices. These pillar candles are cleaning burning and dripless.

LED Flameless White Pillar Candles

White pillar candles are made of real scented wax which spreads a nice fragrance as it burns with flickering LED lights. It comes with a 5 hour timer. These white pillar candles can provide you with a nice ambiance to the sitting room to let you relax in style. You can put them inside lanterns or scones if you like them in your patio or deck. Vanilla flameless candles come in a pack of four with nice fragrance and require AA batteries.

LED Pillar Candles without flames

These candles come in a pack of 6 and are flameless and safe. They also have a on and off switch. You need 3 AAA batteries to light up the candles which do not drip and make a mess. They have a built- in timer which can be used. When you use the timer they go off in five hours and remain off for 19 hours. This setting is perfect for the night. The candle has distressed edges which give the semblance of used candles.

The Advantages of getting Candles at wholesale prices

The wholesale depot sells all candles at wholesale prices and you can even order them online. They supply to hotels, companies and weddings, where people like to use pillar candles for decoration. The candles are made with top quality material and are sold in boxes at wholesale rates. People in entertainment industry who use candles are well aware of the prices.

If you like to buy white pillar candles wholesale depot offers a good price for wholesale purchase.