3d vinyl wall stickers room stickers bedroom wall decor bedroom stickers  peel and stick wall murals

3d vinyl wall stickers room stickers bedroom wall decor bedroom

Wall Decoration Stickers

Stickers are some other ways you can have your decoration on the wall just like decals. Making you have a look that is cool for you is a choice based on style and home interior décor pattern. In getting this done on your wall, you would want to take a look at some guidelines that would help in your designs and show various possibilities that have worked in homes.

Size matters here for wall stickers

If you are going to make wall decoration stickers for your home, you have the choice between small and large stickers. To make a bold statement, the large designs are often beautiful and adorable. Large prints are always captivating and cool on walls. Go for the large prints to catch the feel or if you want it low, the smaller prints would just be the right fit for you.

Location to have your sticker placed affects the style

We have different room sizes with different users for each of them. Kids and adult room, including the living room and kitchen are places in the home that we can have wall decoration stickers on.  With this in mind, you’ll see that a kid’s room design would not be the same pattern with that of the adult designs. You therefore need to make wall decoration stickers with the occupants of the room in mind so that a style that matches the age is put in place.

Choosing a theme or design that fits the location

For a kid’s room, choices are between different themes. You may go with educational themes, popular characters theme, nature theme or others like entertainment. You should put your kids into consideration by finding out what they like the most on their walls before making a sticker for them. For the living room, a general theme would do for your design.