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Design Point Furniture : Buy Pack of 6 Warm White Flickering Red LED Candles

Electric candles

Candles add a nice ambiance to the setting whether it is the dinner table or the mantel piece but can be quite dangerous when there are pets and children in the house. So to be free of stress and anxiety it is advisable to have electric candles which cannot cause any harm.

How Electric candles can improve the Setting without being Harmful?

Electric candles with LED light which flickers can do the job of candles without the danger of a fire since the battery operating or rechargeable flame cannot start a fire. You can enjoy the presence of candles on the mantel piece without any worry. These candles provide the cosy candlelit atmosphere without any danger of a fire. The benefit of LED lights is that the LED does not get too hot and will not burn your child even if she touches the light.

Votive Candles with Flickering Flames

These are very convenient candles that can be used in a bedroom. A set of eight votive candles cost just $ 24.  They can be used in the bedroom or the dining table. The candle has LED that flickers inside each votive box of wax providing the appearance of a real candle. This can set the mood for dinning with your friends with candlelit without any hassle of children dropping the candle and starting a fire. You can use these votive candles when you are deciding to have an entertaining  evening out on the deck.

Seashell Pillar Candle in White

This Seashell pillar Candle is ideal when you are deciding to have friends over for dinner. The pillar candle is built of luminara seashells. It is battery operated candle which is embedded amongst beautiful seashells and creates flickering effect of a candle flame. This can provide nice ambiance for a candlelit dinner with friends. The battery is rechargeable and can be used for a long time.  You can also use this candle in your bedroom if you are in the mood for it. This is a nice way of improving the ambiance in the bedroom or the living room without any danger of a fire.

So if you like a nice candlelit ambience when you are entertaining you can always use electric candles.