Uttermost AccessoriesBogdan Antique Candleholders, S/2

Uttermost Accessories 19985 Bogdan Antique Candleholders, S/2

Antique candle holders

Antique candle holders have a charm of their own and look attractive in traditional as well as contemporary setting. There are a few available that can be chosen to add to your home.  You have Claude Galle jade malachite silver, gilt bronze bird and grape candelabra which is ideal to improve and make any mantel piece attractive. It is four light candelabra that is ideal for a candlelit dinner.

Antique candle holders of sterling silver

It is beautifully made of sterling silver and is well polished. They have their functional uses besides being decorative and enhance the mantel piece. No other candle holders are as beautiful as sterling silver. They have their natural beauty and are regarded as elegant decorative pieces to enhance any setting. When, buying antique candle holders choose those that will leave a lasting impression. Candle holders are distinctly known by their thin high central column on which the candle is placed.

An Extensive Collection of Antique Candle holders

There is a wide range of antique candle holders that are available for those interested to add them to their collection. Vintage candelabra can enhance any mantel piece. There is an Italian Strawberry candle holder which is made up of beautifully carved strawberries and leaves with a candle holder on the top. It is beautifully hand crafted to enhance any setting. So pick up  this pair and add to your collection.

The Advantages of Having Antique Candle Holders

Every Home interior can benefit from a few candle sticks and candelabras placed around. A Kitchen can do with a well carve cachepot holding a scented candle. The mantel piece can hold a collection of   some antique candle holders which have unique designs. Whenever the person likes to have a candlelit dinner these can be used to light up the dinner table.

If you like antique candle holders buy them and add them to your collection.